Sex Toy Cleaning And Care Guide

Now you have brand new sex toys in your collection including remote vibrators, butt plugs, a few strap on dildos, cracking rabbit vibraors, a smooth male masturbator and many other delighful sex toys. But you are missing a very vital part - the proper cleaning and care of your sex toys. This guide will show you how to do both.

Storing toys together can sometimes cause them to fuse together or discolour (depending on the material) so we recommend that you always store your toys in seperate bags. Even if you put them in a sock in your bedside drawer you'll keep your toy in tip top condition for longer!

Sex toys these days are made of many different types of materials, including lifelike materials new to the sex toys marketplace. It's vital you take proper care of your sex toys. Whether you have one favourite vibrator or an entire arsenal of wonderful sex toys, you need to know how to properly care for them and how to clean them. We are here to show you how!

Sex toys cleaning is easy and fun. Check your sex toy for cracks in acrylic, plastic, and glass, tears in softer materials (including jelly rubber), rough seams, and discolouration. Use fresh batteries to keep your sex toys up to speed. Do you want your sex toys to give you years of pleasure? Than you need to take good care of them and properly clean them.

Sex Toy Care: Choosing A Lube For Your Sex Toy

It's vital that you use the proper lube on your sex toys. It's a huge mistake to use a silicone-based lubricant on a silicone sex toy. The same applies to using silicone-based lubricants on sex toys made of realistic materials. If you intend to slip the sex toy into your vagina use only water-based sex toy lubricant. Oil-based lubes invite vaginal infections.

It's also vitally important to use a sexual lubricant designed to be used with sex toys. Never and we mean NEVER use cooking oils, mineral oil, baby oil or petroleum jelly (vaseline etc) on your sex toys unless you want to destroy them or get an infection. We seriously doubt you want either. Oil-based lubes and petroleum jelly make latex condoms disintegrate, and that's both unpleasant and scary.

When you have the right materials cleaning your sex toys is a breeze. Always thoroughly clean your sex toys when you have finished using them, and your sex toys would thank you if they could speak.

Sex Toy Care: Cleaning Your Sex Toys

Once you've finished playing with your toys you should always clean them thoroughly as soon as possible to avoid any residue from damaging the surface of your toy. Plus your toy will be immediately ready the next time you want to play!

Turn off all vibrators before washing and always check if your product is waterproof. Wash carefully in warm (not too hot) water and antibacterial soap or use a sex toy cleaner. If your toy is 100% waterproof you can submerse it entirely for a really thorough clean.

However, if your toy is not waterproof then you should use a little warm water to wash off any residue then use a Sex Toy Cleaner to spray the item before wiping off with a lint free cloth. Make sure you don't get any water into any moving parts or battery casings as you risk damaging your item.

Always remove the batteries from your toy (where possible) before attempting to clean it.

Non-vibrating dildos, butt plugs, glass items, ben-wa balls or any other toy that doesn't require batteries are easiest to clean as you can always completely submerge these in warm water to wash them thoroughly.

Many vibrators nowadays are completely waterproof so can be washed in the same way, but always check the instructions (or our site) carefully to make sure you don't break your toy.

Top tip: when using soap to wash your sex toy, make sure that you use the mildest soap available (an antibacterial soap is ideal) in order to avoid any irritation next time you use your toy. 

Sex Toy Care: Sharing Your Sex Toys

If you share your sex toys and especially if you switch from anal to vaginal use it's vitally important to keep your sex toys squeaky clean. One way to care for your sex toy if you share it is to slide a condom over it and discard the condom when you are finished. That way you prevent bacteria and other germs from passing between partners. It also protects your sex toy and it's plush material.

When you switch from one partner to another or from one orifice to another always change your condom. Use a proper sex toy cleaner to ensure it stays very clean, and that especially applies to anal sex toys like anal vibrators and butt plugs. Keep them very clean and don't cut corners.

How To Properly Store Your Sex Toys

Store your sex toys in a cool, dry place out of the reach of objects that may damage them, pets and children. There's nothing more aggravating than your little snowflake destroying your favorite butt plug with a pair of scissors or Fido turning your favorite double dildo into a chew toy.

Keep dirt and dust away from your sex toys with proper care and storage. Storing sex toys keeps them away from busybodies with nosy demeanors. When you store your sex toys always remove the batteries.

When To Replace Your Sex Toys

If you use your remote vibrator to the point that the motor is on its last leg, it's time for a new one. If your male masturbator has tears in it because you've given it the workout of a lifetime, it's time to replace it.

Another big problem is battery corrosion since if you see battery corrosion inside your favourite thrusting jack rabbit vibrator you need to replace it. Now you know why we urge you to remove batteries when you store your sex toys or when you aren't using them.

See mold or mildew on your sex toys? Toss them. If the material on your strap on is flaking off or falling off, get a new strap on. Although sex toys when properly cared for last years, they do age and eventually will need to be replaced, especially with frequent use. They aren't immortal. You may improve their life expectancy with sex toys cleaning, maintenance, and proper and careful care.


Your sex toys will last many years, giving you wonderful and delightful sexual pleasure when you take good care of them and keep them clean. Store them in a dry, clean place and you'll be able to enjoy them whenever you are ready for a little sexy time.