Sex Doll and Blow Up Doll Guide

History Of Sex Dolls

Most people think of sex dolls as the Blow Up Betty variety you see at stag parties but they actually have a long and illustrious history. These dolls began as "dame de voyage" on ships sailed by the Spanish and they were made from sewn clothing. They were also used by sailors in a sexual manner because live women weren't around. Suffice to say these dolls were poorly made and rather unclean. Japanese and German fleets in the 1930s continued the practice of using and creating sex dolls to provide sexual release for the men on their ships.

In the 1950s these kinds of dolls were marketed for men to use as sex dolls. Before 1982, it was illegal in the UK to import sex dolls due to restrictions on important "obscene or indecent" contraband from Europe. So when that UK law was overturned, as expected, sales of sex dolls in the UK soared.

Why Buy Sex Dolls?

Depending on how you want to use them, there are lots of reasons to buy sex dolls. There are many different types of sex dolls and all are different regarding quality and price. Having a party? Going to one? Bring along a sex doll because it makes a great conversation piece for parties, especially stag and hen parties. They're also fun to bring to fancy dress balls. The cheaper sex dolls may be sold for use at stag and hen parties, they are most often made of vinyl, and they have very basic features. Get one of the more expensive sex dolls for your personal use. You get better quality materials, mannequin heads, seamless latex bodies (or other expensive and elite materials), realistic soft hair, and glass or plastic eyes that may even open and close. 

Which Blow Up Dolls Are Ideal For Parties And Surprises?

Bring along a £15-£20 blow-up doll for a baby shower, wedding shower, stag or hen party, birthday party, or theme party. You'll be the talk of the evening when you walk in with a popular blow-up doll like Jack Hammer, Big John, Just Jugs, Foxy Roxy, or Porky Paulina. Of course, there is always that delightful Love Ewe Inflatable Sheep blow-up doll! No one will be able to top your gag gift. You'll love the laughs.

Which Sex Dolls Are Perfect For Sexual Satisfaction?

Prepare to spend upwards of £50 for a high quality sex doll for your personal sexual satisfaction. More expensive sex dolls are worth the money because they have sturdier and seamless bodies made of high-quality material, mannequin heads, full and soft heads of hair, lovely faces, skin made of softer and plush material than cheaper sex dolls, and plastic or glass eyes that open and close. Avoid blow-up dolls with seams and painted faces. Go for the more expensive seamless doll with a mannequin's face. Some of these high end sex dolls include vibrating vaginas for your pleasure. These vaginas will feel more realistic and pleasant than those in the cheaper varieties of sex dolls. Male sex dolls come with dildos that detach. Use a sex doll pump to inflate these dolls.

There Is A Sex Doll For Everyone!

If you like the missionary position, most sex dolls come that way but some are also in other positions such as doggy style. There is a sex doll to appeal to everyone. Anime dolls appeal to those who like Japanese animation. Those who enjoy busty women like sex dolls with big breasts. Others add stimulation through vibrating pussies and mouths. If you want a doll that is not Caucasian you may choose a black or Asian doll. Then there are the dolls designed to look like porn stars like Chasey Lain, Aria Giovanni, Tera Patrick, and Jenna Jameson.

There is a sex doll for every need and consideration, whether that's a cracking stag party or your own private party in your bedroom. Choose the price and focus on your desires. Whether you want a cheap blow-up doll or a more expensive and classy doll, we carry sex dolls to suit your needs.

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