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Ultimate Saddle Thrusting Sex Machine

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Product code: UB17
Description - Ultimate Saddle Thrusting Sex Machine

This ultimate sex machine delivers up to 300 powerful dildo strokes per minute! A fully remote controlled, mains-powered sex machine providing 3 inch long strokes for a totally mind-blowing penetration experience! Non-stop thrusting action - pleasantly rhythmic and gentle or very powerful and hard. The best saddle style sex machine on the UK market - and thats a promise. Video Demo

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Product specifications
Sex Machine Thrusting Action 50-300 Strokes Per Minute
Sex Machine Thrusting Action Gentle or Powerful 3 Inch Up and Down Strokes
Sex Machine Thrusting Action Multi-Speed (7 Step)
Sex Machine Features Remote Controlled and Ejaculation (Optional Use)
Sex Machine Veined Dildo Size 1 8" Jelly Dildo, 1 7" Flesh Dildo, 1 6" Flesh Noduled/Clit Dildo  
Sex Machine Noduled / Rabbit Dildo Size 6 Inches
Sex Machine Power 110v-240v
Sex Machine Size Height 9 Inches, Width 8 Inches, Length 14 Inches
Remote Control Distance 20 Feet
What's included Black Sex Machine, 3 Dildos, Remote Control, Injector (Ejaculation), Battery (For Remote), Adaptor with UK plug
Full description - Ultimate Saddle Thrusting Sex Machine

Most sex machines offered today are battery operated. Battery operated machines are so weak you can stop the dildo from thrusting by simply holding it with one hand. This superb mains-powered sex machine is the way forward! And we are the first and only shop to stock this magnificent machine in the UK.

Fully remote controlled, mains-powered, up to 300 strokes per minute (7 step multi-speed), 3 inch long up and down strokes and ejaculating! The ejaculation feature is included and the use of it is optional. Grab the remote - get yourself seated on the comfortable and well-built saddle - set the thrusting speed according to your mood - and experience penetration which will blow your mind.

Please note, in order to use the ejaculation feature you will require water based lubricant (not supplied). To fill the internal canister simply attach the ejaculating dildo (with through-hole), then inject lubricant down the dildo using the included syringe. The lubricant will then fill the internal canister and be pumped back out through the dildo if you choose to use the ejaculation feature. 

Guaranteed! This fully remote controlled, powerfully thrusting and ejaculating sex machine is the number one saddle style sex machine available today.

Please note that due to the size and weight of this product it cannot be sent via Royal Mail delivery services and will instead be delivered by a courier (Mon-Fri only. Saturday delivery is not available) Delivery times may vary. If your order is placed after 12:30pm it will be despatched the following day via Parcel Force. For more detailed information please contact Customer Services.

Customer reviews for Ultimate Saddle Thrusting Sex Machine
Top Class

Bought mine over a year ago and its still going strong, my partner and i enjoy the many imaginative ways we use it not to mention the multiple super intense orgasms... You will be more than satisfied in more ways than one.

Review by: Andy

Got this for my partner she loves it I had to try it guys you got to get one. Wow wow go for it .

Review by:
1 word. Wow.

Having looked at this product for the last 4 months, I finally saved up an adequate amount of money and courage to hit the Add to Cart button. I can't rate this highly enoungh. On the first try I got up to full speed and experienced the best anal orgasm I have ever felt, with in a matter of a few minutes. The speed settings allow for complete control, the ejaculation function was an interesting feature that I will definitely try agin and again and the range of dildos for use allows for all sorts of combinations. If anything tells you about how good it is, I used it 3 times on the first day, and I've used it at least once daily for the last week. The noise it makes isn't that loud, and with the right application of loud music and a locked door, no one will be able to tell you are using it in the next room. Just make sure to lay down some towels, you will make a mess!

Review by: Richard
Sex Machine

I don't have a partner and I wanted something other than your garden variety sex toy. This machine gives me the strokes I need and I even get three dildos to use with it. I use it every day, when I can. I have intense orgasms with this machine and it's comfortable and easy to use. I'm very happy with it.

Review by:
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