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Vanessa Real Love Doll Reviews

Material Skin-Safe Real-Skin (TPE)
Colour Flesh Skin, Brown Hair and Red Lips
Size 27 Inches Long, Life Size, Non-Inflatable
Weight Approx 10kg
Love Holes Mouth, Pussy and Arse - All Ribbed and Textured
Features 2 Vibrating Bullets, Suction Pump (Easy Cleaning)

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Reviews For Vanessa Real Love Doll


I have the Horny Boobs and Ass Masturbator as a first venture into sex dolls. Good!! Thought I'd try more of a doll. Were am I going to keep Vanessa? In bed! Nothing is like fucking a real woman, but she comes as near as I've been. All three holes are yummy. Tongue her as you slide right in! Can I give more than 5 Stars?!!

Review by: Mike
mind blowing

I bought this for my husband. Having a threesome in real life was not an option for me. So when I saw Vanessa the sex doll I saw a solution to create the fantasy without having a third person entering our relationship. At first my husband felt a bit disappointed with her overall size but one he started using her he just loved it. Feels very real and looks great overall. He could and lasted for hours upon end. Just what I wished for him. It is so different because there is no one else to please but one self. I find it a real turn on seeing him happily and highly sexually aroused bouncing away on her. If the male version was not so expensive we would buy that one as well. Who knows maybe Bondara will find a male version just as affordable as Vanessa. She comes Highly recommended!!!!!!!

Review by:
Vanessa wins.

This is the best Christmas present I ever received. When my girlfriend (quite a curvy girl) goes away on business, I get out Vanessa and spend hours pleasuring her. The real skin is so soft, just brushing by her skin gives me goosebumps. Highly recommend this doll to ANY age, sex, or sexual preference.

Review by: Craig N.

Best thing I ever got, wife loves watching me use it.

Review by:
vanessa real love doll

vanessa is probably as close to the real thing as you can get. her pussy and arse are very tight and as other reviewers have already said. you dont last long when you fuck her. her skin is very soft to the touch and her big tits are amazing. im not sure how long this girl will last as i pound her so often but when she's worn out ill be back for another. a great lay at a great price. don't think twice one!

Review by: lee
I Love Vanessa

Wow! Where to start? Vanessa is simply amazing! Her tits are big and beautiful they bounce when I fuck her! Her skin is silky smooth. It feels so good inside her pussy, I can't help but to pound her as hard as I can. Even fucking her mouth gives fantastic sensations. And what a lovely tight arse she has! The pubic hair is a nice touch, I love to lick her out. Like another reviewer here, I'm between girlfriends too so Vanessa is fulfilling all my desires and more! To be honest, she's giving me so much pleasure, I really think she's all the girlfriend I need! Thank you so much, and what a great price. I've seen this doll for over ú500 on other sites!!!!

Review by: Patrick B.
Love Doll

This is a wonderful love doll, and I love the soft, cushy material. I sink right into her when I lie on top of her. Those big breasts are perfect for sucking while I thrust into her. It's like having a real woman with a perfect body beneath me. The interior tunnel is tight and ribbed, feeling so good. The anus and mouth are also tight and ribbed so I get lots of variety. I'm so happy with this sex doll that I dance around my room with her!

Review by: David
Worth The Price & More - GO VANESSA!

Vanessa is terrific! The first orgasm I had with her was the best one I've ever had by myself before. If you've ever experienced a Fleshlight, well, Vanessa is made entirely of a material similar to that. Extremely soft and gel-like. The best part I love about her is, hands down, her superb breasts. They are a nice big size and they bounce and jiggle when you pound her! Grabbing and squeezing them when at the point of orgasm makes it an overwhelming experience. Her pussy is so tight I had a hard time getting myself in; I have a pretty thick girth so I had to lube myself up really well. Once in, HOLY MOLY!! Incredible! I didnt last long at all. The only downside was I recieved 4x AA batteries instead of the AAA batteries it required. No biggy though they are cheap enough to pick up myself and they were a free-bee anyway! Well done Bondara - my first shop with you was a terrific experience - superb product, fast shipping and great customer service. I'd shop with you again in a heartbeat. To those of you debating whether or not to get this doll - GO FOR IT! She's worth the price!!! (I'd even have paid the RRP ú500 if thats what it cost when I bought her!). I'm still shaking now!

Review by: GS
Very Nice

I can hiigly recomend this doll, its a great fuck and feels real nice. my only comments are that its a very floppy piece of kit, if your going to move it around wuite a bit you proberly want to be careful not to damage it. also its quite thin so getting the right postion for sex is a learning curve, otherwise its great :D

Review by: Iggy
My Vanessa

This love doll is gorgeous! Big tits and perky nipples, all for me. The material is very soft, too û not like cheaper love dolls. No seams to scratch me, either. The three holes are very tight and ribbed, so they feel incredibly good. She looks very realistic, and she keeps me company late at night since I'm in between girlfriends at the moment. I don't miss sex as much with my wonderful love doll. She's almost as good as the real thing.

Review by: Steve
Vanessa doll

A lovely real feel doll, the ribbing in both holes need to be a little rougher, you can feel them if you put your finger in beforehand, but in use, they do their job, but for me, just not enough ! The boobs do move very lifelike when in use too. Both holes are close together & in my opinion, there could have put more distance between them with more rubber under her so she can be used better. I did put extra padding under what is her bum to raise her for easier penetration....She's a heavy doll & comes in a solid box so think about where you need to store it ! All in all, I'm glad I got it.

Review by: Roger
Great Ride

Sal has a nice tight pussy, arse and mouth. I love pounding away on top of her while I play with her her breasts.
Great purchase

Review by: Geejaypee
Excellent product

Vanessa arrived on time with next day delivery. After taking her out of the box I realised my Vanessa was 25 inches long, a little shorter than stated but still a good size.

She feels great to touch and the boobs begin to feel more real as they heat up. The pussy and arse feel excellent but I found that the mouth would only take half of me.

Vanessa's body is extremely floppy so take care when moving her. The body has a good weight to it so when placed down properly you can really get in to it and its great how the body/boobs shake as you pound away, although things can get a little noisy.

Vanessa is relatively easy to clean but picks up little fibres easily.

Vanessa is an excellent product at an excellent price, mouth, pussy, arse and tits all together in one package. She wont give you a good blow job but she gives a great tit wank and as I said before the pussy and arse feel great. She looks pretty hot with or without clothes on. I have tried various sex toys in my time and this is by far the best, would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Review by: Mr ?
Vanessa Love Doll

This is the best bit of kit I have EVER bought from Bondara. This is the nearest thing you can get to the real deal. The bottom line is that its fantastic:)

Review by: Den
Best Ride Ever

How many young girls have tits as big and formed as Vanessa's? After lubing up her tight pussy I was soon banging away. The sensations were amazing and out of this world (Better than the real thing). It wasn't long before I reached the best orgasm ever and thought it was never going to end. Afterwards,the handy little pump makes cleaning so easy-just flush out with warm soapy water and leave to dry. Cant wait for my next session,the wife goes out tomorrow so Vanessa will be out again for sure :)

Review by: Brian

Great!! I Love Her i was doing her everywhere for at least 2 HOURS!

Review by: Harry
Vanessa is Amazing!

Words can barely describe what I have experienced with this doll. She feels great and realisitc and she's just the right size. I love everything about her. This Vanessa doll is such good value - I've seen other shops offering this doll for three times as much. What a great buy.

Review by: Jeff M.

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