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Roll-On Penis Extension Reviews

Colour Flesh
Material Latex Outer and Foam Filling
Features Rolls up like a condom, Extends Penis by 2 Inches
Flexible? Yes
Waterproof? Yes

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Reviews For Roll-On Penis Extension

Penis Extension

I couldn't turn down this penis extension sleeve when it was such a low price. It fits over me perfectly and it's very comfortable. It rolls on just like a condom and is easily removed when I'm finished. I last longer and she appreciates the extra length. The material is soft and stretchy and I don't have a skin reaction to it. This is a fine penis extension sleeve and I'm very satisfied with it.

Review by: Blaine
Love This Extender!

This is a very portable and cheap penis extender. It's easy to use. I just slide it over my cock when erect, and I get a little extra length. Not only is it comfortable, it adds a full 3 inches to my length! It's very stretchy and very comfortable, too. My girlfriend loves the way it feels on her. It has extra texture that she says really turns her on. I like the way it helps me go longer.

Review by: Daniel

it was excellent... made me a god in the bedroom... r lass has never squited as much in her life... best 7 quid i ever spend in my life.

Review by: Macca
Waste of money

You may as well stick a lump of polystyrene on your manhood and cover it with a condom

Review by:

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