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Leather Ball Spreader Reviews

Ball Spreader Color Black, Silver Popper Studs
Ball Spreader Material Leather Straps, Chrome Popper Studs
Ball Spreader Size Penis Strap 7 Inches, Each Testicle Strap 4 3/4 Inches
Ball Spreader Features Embraces Penis and Spreads Testicles apart for a Firm Feel

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Reviews For Leather Ball Spreader

Ball Spreader

This is a great ball stretcher for a low price. One strap fits snugly at the base of my cock while the other two straps separate my balls. I add a cock ring to this set and I'm off and running! The leather is soft and supple, and I keep it clean and treated so that it doesn't crack or dry out. The straps are also adjustable, either snug or a little loose on me. This is a good ball stretcher for a reasonable price.

Review by: Chen
Leather Ball Stretcher

This cheap ball spreader may not have cost much, but it isn't cheaply made. The leather is fine and supple, and it moves with me. Plus the spreader is adjustable, with popper studs to make the fit perfect. This device does exactly what I want it to do û spread my balls and make me feel sexy. I wear it on the town, to work, and at home. I even where it in the bath when I want to enjoy a little wet sex play. This is a fine ball spreader.

Review by: Ollie

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