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Remote Vibrating Panties

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Product code: TA12
Description - Remote Vibrating Panties

This multi-orgasmic and remote controlled vibrating thong lets you dance the night away! Take control or hand over the controls to your partner for unexpected adventures. You'll have a Party In Your Pants for sure!

Product specifications
Size One Size Fits Most
Range Remote Works Up to 10m
Colour Black Knickers / Silver Remote and Control
Whats Included? Panties, Vibrating Bullet, Remote, Batteries for Bullet and Remote
Full description - Remote Vibrating Panties

This remote controlled vibrating thong can be controlled remotely from up to 10 meters away. Dance the night away in total pleasure. Take control yourself or hand the remote over to your partner to give you some unexpected adventures. Slide the vibrating unit into the thong and you'll experience the best Party In Your Pants!









Height (cm)

160 - 164

164 - 168

168 - 172

172 - 176

162 - 166

166 - 170

170 - 174


30" - 32"

34" - 36"

36" - 40"

40" - 42"

30" - 34"

34" - 38"

38" - 42"


24" - 26"

26" - 30"

30" - 32"

32" - 34"

24" - 28"

28" - 32"

32" - 36"


34" - 36"

36" - 40"

40" - 42"

42" - 44"

34" - 38"

38" - 40"

40" - 44"

Customer reviews for Remote Vibrating Panties

What a cracking pair of vibrating knickers! I give the controls to my honey and he loves to drive me mad with the intense vibrations. These knickers fit like a charm and they were in stock. They shipped fast and in a plain box. I'm very happy with my shopping experience and my orgasms.

Review by: Dawn
Oh, My!

This is a very nice set of vibrating knickers. They are comfortable to wear, easily washable and the vibrations feel very good. I come all day long. I love to wear them in public and alone at home watching telly. This is a cracking set of vibrating knickers. I highly recommend them.

Review by:

This set of remote knickers makes going to the movies even more amusing. He loves to rev the vibrations up and down and I get off sitting in my seat, trying not to cry out in pleasure and disturb the people around me. These knickers are wonderful to wear in public and just as much fun at home. We both enjoy them.

Review by:
Remote Vibrating Panties

My husband bought me this set of vibrating knickers for my birthday and we love to use it while at the movies or at the store. He controls the remote while I walk around waiting for him to give me a buzz. We went to the mall last week to shop for some kitchen tools, and I wore the knickers. The knickers are lots of fun to use when we go to the movies. We sit in the back of the threatre, and he holds the remote. He loves to turn it on while IÆm trying to eat popcorn. Talk about distracting, but good sexy fun! The knickers are quiet so no one around us has any clue what's going on. The bullet in the knickers is right over my clit, but the entire bottom vibrates, so I feel good all down there. All I have to do is sit quietly and enjoy the vibrations. I have multiple orgasms with my vibrating knickers, and my husband gets off by controlling the speed. Sometimes I don't come, and when we get home we go at it like monkeys. I hand wash the knickers when I'm done with them, and then I wear them again. The remote works up to 10 meters, which is a good distance for us to play. Bondara is right when it said "Party In Your Pants". That's no exaggeration. I love my vibrating knickers.

Review by: Reena
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