Moulding Kits

If you have the craving to make your own sex toy then how about putting one of the penis moulding kits from Bondara to use. You could even use a moulding kit to create gifts for your partner. These clone a willy and clone a pussy kits are fun sex accessories that will add some creative and erotic entertainment to your sex life. All of our moulding kits are skin safe and will make amazing sex toys that will last for a long time so you can enjoy them again and again.

For some creative and unique bedroom fun, why not use one of Bondara's amazing vagina & penis moulding kits. These kits are designed to make a mould around your penis or pussy and then that mould can be used to make an identical copy that can be used as a sex toy. These fun items can work as great gag gifts for friends or loved ones or as a kinky bedroom accessory for your partner and you to enjoy getting creative with.