Mr Limpy Fleshlights

These amazing Mr Limpy Fleshlights are great accessories that are made to simulate a flaccid penis and create the bulging look of male genitals; perfect for transgender customers or anyone experimenting with gender play. These high quality packing accessories are made with your comfort and confidence in mind so you can experience and display the realistic shape and size of a male bulge. Made with soft and pliable material, Mr Limpy faux penis accessories will move and feel like the real thing through your clothes.

    This Bondara collection of My Limpy Fleshlights is full of amazing sex accessories that are designed to help transgender men or those dabbling in gender play create the bulge and crotch shape they desire. These accessories are soft and pliable with an incredibly realistic feel. This means the penis will move slightly as you walk, like a real penis would, and be supple to the touch the same way a flaccid penis would be. These Mr Limpy accessories are made to give transgender males confidence and comfort in everyday life plus the potential erotic thrill of gender play.