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Mens Revealing Latex Briefs

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Product code: TE20
Description - Mens Revealing Latex Briefs

These mens revealing latex briefs have an opening for your cock and balls. Made of black vinyl, these mens revealing latex briefs give you a snug fit.

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Product specifications
Colour Black
Sizes One Size S-L
Material 100% Latex
Instructions Handwash
Full description - Mens Revealing Latex Briefs

There is an opening in the front of these mens revealing latex briefs for your cock and balls. These mens revealing latex briefs are made of shiny black vinyl.







Waist (cm)

74 - 81

82 - 89

90 - 99

100 - 109

110 - 119

Chest (cm)

86 - 93

94 - 101

102 - 109

110 - 117

118 - 125

Hips (cm)

90 - 97

98 - 105

106 - 113

114 - 121

122 - 129

Full Body (cm)

166 - 173

171 - 179

177 - 184

182 - 188

185 - 191

Customer reviews for Mens Revealing Latex Briefs
latex briefs-revealing

good fit and did not roll-down around the waist.
They fitted very well around my privates. A good buy at the price.

Review by: tim

Not bad, they pinch a bit but it's easy enough pulling myself through them. They're also surprisingly comfortable to wear. I bought them to surprise my partner and he loves it when I wear them. They show off what I have and then some!

Review by: Bruce
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