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Ultimate Jessica Rabbit Waver

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Product code: WC37
Description - Ultimate Jessica Rabbit Waver

RATED 5 STAR PLUS! The highly recommended Ultimate Jessica Waver features built-in wave technology creating the most amazing rippling motion that runs up and down the shaft providing a penetrative sensation and the most intense orgasms imaginable. A side-mounted rabbit stimulator delivers sensational clit stimulation too. The 9-speed wave motions and clit stimulator can independently be controlled via the simple LCD display giving you a staggering 81 orgasmic combinations to choose from - all of which are completely breathtaking!

Product specifications
Colours Available Pink and Purple
Material Phthalates-Free, Latext Free, Skin-Safe TPR
Features Shaft Rippling Motion - Clit Stimulator
LCD Controls 9-Speed Waves / 9-Speed Clit Stimulator
Vibration Options Vibrating and Pulsating
Length Insertable 5 Inches / Total 10 Inches
Shaft Regular 2 Inch Diameter
Splashproof Yes
Full description - Ultimate Jessica Rabbit Waver

A unique new rabbit vibrator that sends waves of stimulating pleasure rippling down its shaft, the Ultimate Jessica Rabbit Waver delivers intense vaginal massages and amazing clitoral stimulation. Hidden underneath the amazing shaft is a sensational wave technology creating highly orgasmic ripples that run up and down the shaft. Compared to a standard rabbit with rotating beads, the rippling shaft provides a much more realistic penetration experience. The easy to use LCD controller located at the base lets you control the 9-speed rippling shaft motion and the 9-speed rabbit ear clit stimulator independently - offering you a staggering 81 highly orgasmic combinations to choose from! Made of skin-safe, phthalates-free and latex-free materials, the Jessica Rabbit Waver is undoubtedly the best sex toy for women. Just wait until you get your hands one this one girls - the Ultimate Jessica Rabbit Waver delivers like no other can! Available in pink and purple and includes a free set of batteries.

Customer reviews for Ultimate Jessica Rabbit Waver
insanely good

so I've only ever used one toy from love honey and my friend suggested Bondara so I had a little look around and came across this beauty.
At first I was apprehensive and didn't know what to expect. And within literally minutes of me using this I felt sky high. Never encountered these feelings with any one I've had sexual intercourse with. It is incredible, I'm still shaking as I try to type this.
You can literally sit back and let it do its magic, most relaxing and enjoyable play I've ever had. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Review by: Lucy
#1 best sex toy in my collection!!!

I got this today and I must say everything about this gorgeous wave vibe is incredible! I have yet to use it internally but I tried the functions in my hand to begin with. Let me go over a few great things about the JR wave vibe:

- its super soft and squishy to the touch!
- the LED control panel is adorable. A really nice feature that is a real first for me.
- the rabbit stimulator has so many variations, to me the 6th setting is the greatest because you can actually see the ears fluttering like crazy!
- now for the shaft.....woah. Now, I've never had a wave technology vibrator before but to me as a first time waver fanatic, this vibe is a definite must to have! I thought this vibe didn't have a reverse motion (unlike some other makes which have a button for that function), but wait for gets better. Not only does the shaft wave, it has various settings that randomise which direction the waves go and for how long!
- The motor is reeeeeeally quiet too, I've looked at other wave vibes but this one is definitely the quietest I've personally seen and felt.

The only thing that disappoints me is that its splashproof rather than being fully waterproof.

Regardless, this is definitely a must buy vibrator in the rabbit range!

Review by: Maria
best ever

I bought this vibrator for my partner, she said this is by far the best vibrator she has used as she orgasms again and again. I use it on her and she says that i should only buy her this one if it fails. Thank you Bondara its brilliant, she loves it.

Review by: m
Simply The Best

My wife has got a collection of toys, but she loves this the most by far. She has only got to have it inside her for a minute, and she orgasms for ages. I love using it on her.

Review by:
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