Intimate Massagers & Wands

If you love to indulge in some erotic massage play with your partner then why not invest in a gorgeous sex toy from Bondara's collection of high quality Intimate Massager Wands. These incredible wand vibrator are designed to provide all sorts of erotic stimulations from deep soothing muscle massage to gentle stroking stimulations and sensual massage. Whatever your preference, these toys are made to please and boost your massage play to the next level. The vibrating power of these massager wands will promote blood flow under the skin and increase your sensitivity, so they are ideal as a foreplay toy.

If you and your partner love to indulge in erotic massage play before sex, then why not try introducing an Intimate Massager Wand into your sex life. This collection of wand vibrators from Bondara has a whole range of wands that come in different sizes, shapes, colours and more, and will send blissful sensations into your body and over your skin, waking up your senses for a night of erotic play. These wand vibrators can be used for deeply penetrating massage or soft and gentle stimulations, whatever your mood, these high quality sex toys from Bondara can accommodate and provide the exact sensations you are craving.