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Fetish I.O.U

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Product code: XB16
Description - Fetish I.O.U

A deliciously kinky card game for two players, Fetish I.O.U features 42 cards with a variety of naughty but nice suggestions. Pleasure or pain? It’s a surprise every time. 

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Product specifications
Players Two
Contents 42 Fetish Cards
Full description - Fetish I.O.U

Are you partial to a spanking? Or do you like to be the dominant one? Fetish I.O.U helps you explore your darkest sides with 42 kinky cards that hide a fetish act to perform on your partner. Simply pull the tab on the card to reveal what filthy treats are in store for you. 

Customer reviews for Fetish I.O.U
Fetish Cards

Nice fetish cards for beginners and experienced like me. Everyone had fun. We'll definitely use them again. 42 different scenarios. Lots of possibilities.

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