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Vegan Condoms

Vegans, rejoice! Within this category, you'll find condoms for safe sex and vegan-friendly frolicking. But wait - condoms aren't suitable for vegans? Many manufacturers use casein, a milk derivative, to soften latex. While this creates a smoother condom, it's bad news for vegans. Some people may also find that they are allergic to casein or that regular condoms can cause irritation. From flavoured and delay designs to thin and extra safe, shop our vegan condoms here.

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  • EXS Air Thin Condom Loose

    Keep your sex life healthy and protected whilst maintaining incredible stimulation with these EXS Air Thin Condoms from Bondara- the lightest,...   › More

  • EXS Black Latex Condoms - Loose

    Keep your sex life safe and stimulating with these incredible Black Fantasy Condoms from EXS. These brilliant condoms are completely black for a...   › More

  • EXS Magnum Large Condoms - Loose

    For men with a little extra in the penis department, our EXS Magnum Large Condoms will keep you safe, comfortable and ready for some fun.   › More

  • Pasante Strawberry Crush Condom - Loose

    Pasante Strawberry Crush Condom-Single; fantastic strawberry flavoured fruity condoms that are perfect for oral sex. Combine any of our loose...   › More

  • EXS Regular Comfy Fit Condoms - Loose

    Enjoy stimulating sex whilst staying protected and healthy with these Regular Comfy Fit Condoms from EXS at Bondara. These classic condoms are...   › More

  • EXS Snug Fit Condoms - Loose

    Enjoy ultra stimulating sex whilst staying protected with these Snug Fit Condoms from EXS at Bondara. These snug condoms are designed to fit more...   › More

  • Pasante King Size Condoms - Loose

    Get the comfort and fit you require with Pasante King Size Condoms- Loose. Designed for larger than average penis sizes these condoms are wider...   › More

  • EXS Bubblegum Condoms - Loose

    In the mood for something tasty beneath the sheets? Our EXS Bubblegum Condoms will add something sweet to your sex life.    › More

  • Pasante Infinity Condoms - Loose

    Achieve longer lasting lovemaking and more pleasure for your partner with Pasante Delay Condoms- Loose. Each condom contains a small amount of...   › More

  • EXS Delay Condoms - Loose

    The incredible Delay Condoms from EXS at Bondara will have your erections lasting longer than ever before. These fantastic condoms are designed to...   › More

  • Pasante Cooling Condoms - Loose

    Tingly, fresh and unique Pasante Cooling Condoms- Loose contain a special lubricant that makes the skin feel cold for a brand new sensation during...   › More

  • Pasante Sensitive Condoms - Loose

    Experience all the pleasures of sex with Pasante Sensitive Condoms- Loose. Specially designed to allow you to get even closer than ever; mix and...   › More

  • EXS Strawberry Sundae Condom - Loose

    Taste fruity and sweet in the bedroom when you slip on an EXS Strawberry Sundae Condom.   › More

  • EXS Crazy Cola Condoms - Loose

    Keep things bubbly and fun in the bedroom with our EXS Crazy Cola Condoms, flavoured gorgeously and shaped for comfort.    › More

  • Pasante Warming Condoms - Loose

    Put some extra heat into your sex life with Pasante Warming Condoms- Loose. Infused with a gentle warming lubricant, these condoms are available...   › More

  • Pasante Mint Tingle Condom - Loose

    Fresh Pasante Mint Tingle Condoms (Single) offer a great tasting condom that's great for oral and a gently tingly lubricant that offers extra...   › More

  • Pasante Intensity Condom Loose

    Extra sensation without compromising safety and confidence; Pasante Ribs and Dots Condoms- Loose are delicately textured with a unique raised ribs...   › More

  • EXS Extreme 3 in 1 Condoms Loose

    Stay safe and protected during sex without reducing your stimulation with these gorgeous EXS Extreme 3 in 1 Condoms from Bondara. These condoms...   › More

  • EXS Hot Chocolate Flavoured Condoms - Loose

    Stay protected without losing out on stimulation with these fabulous Hot Chocolate Flavour Condoms. Not only do these fantastic condoms provide...   › More

  • Pasante Extra Safe Condoms - Loose

    For added peace of mind, Pasante Extra Safe Condoms- Single offer greater protection and increased confidence during lovemaking. Buy Single extra...   › More

  • Pasante Blueberry Blast Condom - Loose

    Introduce an extra level of pleasure to your sex life with Pasante Blueberry Blast Condom- Single. Perfect for oral sex, each blueberry flavoured...   › More

  • Pasante Regular Condoms - Loose

    Enjoy confident and protected lovemaking with Pasante Regular Condoms- Loose. No mess, no fuss; just great sensations and total reassurance. Mix...   › More

  • Pasante Chocolate Temptation Condom - Loose

    The sumptuously seductive flavour of chocolate combined with the reassurance you need from contraception- Pasante Chocolate Temptation Condom-...   › More

  • Pasante Glow Condom - Loose

    Shine a light on your lovemaking with ghostly Pasante Glow Condoms. Each gently glow-in-the-dark condom offers all the security and protection you...   › More

    Out of Stock
  • Pasante Trim Condoms - Loose

    Choose individual Pasante Trim Condoms - Loose and enjoy more comfortable lovemaking with extra reassurance. More fitted than standard condoms to...   › More

  • EXS Smiley Faces Condoms - Loose

    Keep them grinning in the bedroom when you whip out an EXS Smiley Faces Condom from your bedside drawer.   › More

    Out of Stock