Erotic Edibles & Body Paint

For a new and erotic element to your foreplay and sex life, enjoy delicious Erotic Edibles and Body Paint from Bondara. With these amazing body paints you can paint a trail of delicious flavour along your partner's body and then follow it with your mouth. The edible treats can be a cheeky gift or a suggestive dessert for you to enjoy during foreplay. If you love to combine your sex life with some erotic food, then this department is just the thing for you.

For erotic and stimulating foreplay fun, browse Bondara's Erotic Edibles and Body Paint department. This collection of fun accessories offers a wide range of sweets, chocolate, body paint, edible oils and much more, for your delicious pleasure. If you enjoy edible toys in the bedroom or want a naughty and suggestive item for dessert, then Bondara will have just the thing you are looking for. Body paint is an erotic and tantalising treat for foreplay and any of these fun and sexy items will add some spice to your sex life.