Butterfly Vibrators

For incredible clitoral stimulation that will send you over the edge with pleasure, check out Bondara’s collection of Butterfly Vibrators. These vibe toys sit on top of your clit and with gorgeous vibrations and pulsations they will stimulate your sensitive clit perfectly. These butterfly vibrators often include straps for your thighs so you can keep these toys in place hands free, sit back and enjoy the mind-blowing pleasure of vibrating clit stimulators. This collection offers remote butterfly vibes, strap on vibes, suction butterfly toys and much more, so you can pick and choose what kinky butterfly clit stimulator will be the newest addition to your naughty toy box.

For unbeatable clitoral stimulation choose from these wonderful Butterfly Vibrators from Bondara. These vibrators  are designed to sit on or against your clit and send incredible vibrations onto the area to increase sensitivity and build unbeatable stimulation.  Often these toys include a strap on harness to hold it in place or even a suction cup to build even more sensitivity into your sweet spot. For incredible stimulation, affordable prices and high quality butterfly vibrators, shop with Bondara.