0604 aSo we’ve all heard of cunnilinugus, or at least I hope we have! Guys if you’re scratching your heads right now keep reading or you may be single for quite some time! Cunnilingus is of course the act of performing oral sex on a woman; ‘eating out’, ‘going down’, ‘eating pussy’, ‘giving head’, ‘licking out’. Well a rim job is pretty much the same thing, but a little further south. Yes that’s right, a rim job involves licking your partner’s asshole. Playfully named ‘tuchus lingus’ in one episode of Sex and the City, this delight of the derriere is absolutely not reserved for women. Indeed, men can, and do, enjoy receiving a nice, wet rim job. The anus contains many nerve endings concentrated in a very small area, so there is certainly a lot of fun to be had. If you’re not experimenting with a little anal play in the bedroom, you’re missing out on one of life’s natural pleasures. Our sexual limits beneath the sheets are a matter of personal preference; to some a rim job is completely vanilla and would never be the headline act of sex. For others, analingus is completely out of the question and an absolute hard limit. The first rule of rimming, as with pretty much every kind of sex, is hygiene. If you’re not clean, it’s not healthy or pleasant for either partner, so jump in the shower. When it comes to anal play however, whether you’re using sex toys, having penetrative anal sex or simply slipping a cheeky digit in the backdoor, it’s always a good idea to clean up internally as well as washing the surface.0604 b I covered douching in a previous Fetish Friday post, as a fetish in and of its self, but an anal douche is essentially a practical item used to clean the rectum before letting your partner have access to all areas. Although rimming is primarily concerned with surface stimulation (unless you’re feeling particularly adventurous and have a very long tongue), it’s always a good idea to thoroughly clean your anus and rectum before oral anal play to avoid any unfortunate instances! Another point to consider when preparing for a rim job is to shave the area (especially you fellas!) Now this is by no means mandatory, and heck, your partner might even prefer you au naturel, but I know if I was going down there it would be for one reason only, and that reason isn’t flossing! So what if you and your partner would like to try rimming, but are a little concerned about tasting tuchus? Well luckily, flavoured lubricant can be used to change the experience completely! With many different flavours of lubricant available at Bondara, you can enjoy licking your partner’s asshole as much as if it were a bowl of ice cream! We’ve got strawberry, banana, cherry, bubblegum, mango and many more. You can even use flavoured body paint for a completely different texture.   What about technique? As I stated previously, the anus is very sensitive with many nerve endings, so pretty much anything you do with your soft, wet tongue is going to feel fantastic! Try lightly tickling or quickly flicking and swirling for a multitude of sensations. If you’re looking to gain a few extra points with your partner, you could try slipping a finger or two up there. As I’m sure you’re aware a man’s g spot (prostate) is located in this rectum, so stimulating it can be immensely pleasurable and result in an intense and powerful orgasm. You could also try using an anal sex toy for a whole new world of pleasure, perhaps even one which vibrates! Giving your partner a rim job, particularly one which involves finger or sex toy insertion, can be a great way to prepare for penetrative anal sex. The area will relax and loosen as well as building excitement! So why not give rimming a try? It may become your new fetish! Have a great weekend. 0604 c

The Bondara 2013 Sex Toy Awards


Ladies and gentlemen, saints and sinners, welcome to the first annual Sex Toy Awards. This event is the biggest of its kind for sex toys, lingerie, bondage gear and sexy essentials.

The Bondara Sex Toy awards have been established to celebrate the fabulous toys and teasers that have contributed to the UK’s sexual well-being.

With over three thousand products to choose from our panel of expert judges selected a winner for each of our naughty categories to say a big ‘thank you’ for getting us off.

Each of these products has been awarded a prestigious title based on its quality, style and popularity with our customers. These toys are more than just best sellers; they’re award winners, worthy of applause.


Best Plug and Play

For the the ultimate anal pleaser the winner of this award will provide unparalleled anal stimulation.

WINNER: Ultrasex Anal Vibrator.


Best Open For Business

More than just naughty knickers, this category celebrates the sexy allure of crotchless panties.

WINNER: Rene Rofe Crotchless Lace Thong

Best Super Stroker

Putting the pleasure in your hands, the winner of the category will blow your mind as you blow your load.

WINNER: Virgin Stroker Masturbator


Best See-Through Seducer

In this category we celebrate tempting bedroom wear. The winning bodystocking will be sexy, seductive and a pleasure to wear.

WINNER: Hustler Crotchless Bodystocking


Best G-Spot Hunter

An award for exploration, the winner of this category will be congratulated for finding your g-spot and giving you more intense orgasms than ever before.

WINNER: Diamond G-Spotter


Best Tamer and Restrainer

The category for the best bondage restraints, the winner can tie you down, allowing you to submit to new relams of pleasure.

WINNER: Ultimate Under Bed Restraints


Best Orgasm Tickler

For a product that will take you to the brink of orgasm, the winner of this award will hit all the rights spots and have you screaming for more.

WINNER: Ultimate Vibrating Cock Ring


Best P-Spot Pleaser

For reminding us that the ‘male g-spot’ is a worth looking for, the toy that takes this title will give you extremely powerful orgasms.

WINNER: Prostate Vibrator


Best Foreplay Facilitator

A category for the product that will get you in the mood, the nominees will help you to wind down then hot up!

WINNER: Erotic Massage Oil


Best Tantalising Torturer

For delivering a little pain with ever so much pleasure, the winner of this award will leave your skin tingling.

WINNER: Black Suede Fantasy Flogger Whip


Best Fantasy Fetish

A category for those with a more deviant side, the nominees in this category will transform you into the perfect dominatrix.

WINNER: Dreamgirl Slave for You Teddy


Best Underwater Explorer

For fun in the bath, shower, pool, sea, Jacuzzi and… kitchen sink? The toy that receives this prestigious award can get you off on dry land or underwater.

WINNER: Wet and Wild Jelly Vibrator


Best Clit Teaser

A category for the toy that will have you screaming with pleasure, the product that receives is award will be buzzing with excitement.

WINNER: Rocks Off RO-80mm Limited Edition


Best Penetrating Play Mate

For the strap on that can deliver like no other, the toy that claims this title will take you from strapping on to getting off.

WINNER: Unisex Strap on Dildo


Best Wet and Wild Ride

An award for the best sex aid, the slippery winner of this category will help you to slip and slide for a wild ride.

WINNER: Bondara Luxury Lubricant


Best Whole Day Event

For getting wet on a rainy day, the winner of this prize will take you from bored to horny, for a steamy day of fun.

WINNER: Tease Sexy Board Game for Couples




Probe Your Prostate

The prostate. Probably the best reason we can think of for all men; gay, straight or bi to give anal stimulation a try. This amazingly sensitive area can lead to an intense full-body climax, stronger ejaculations and even multiple orgasms!

Located just below the bladder and in front of the bowel, the purpose of the prostate is to produce a fluid that enriches semen and gives the sperm an improved lifespan once inside the vagina; thus increasing the chance of conception. Usually about the size of a walnut, the prostate can be massaged and manipulated internally for incredibly pleasurable sensations and intense orgasms. Often referred to as ‘the male g-spot’ (or p-spot) prostate massage can actually lead to multiple male orgasms

So how to get started? If you want to try prostate massage, the best way to begin is on your own after a bath or shower so you’re clean and relaxed. With as much lubricant as you need, lie on your back with your legs spread and your knees bent as you explore the area around your anus. Once you feel comfortable, try inserting a finger into your anus. If you’ve never tried anal play before go slowly and allow your muscles to relax before attempting to explore too deeply. You might find that another position is more effective for you. Your prostate is located on the front wall of the anus, towards your stomach and will feel like a raised nub around a 50p in size. Try massaging the area and get used to the intense sensations it can produce. Start with a rubbing motion, or small circles- you’ll soon work out what you like!

Prostate stimulation is much easier if you partner does it for you; why not ask them to stimulate your prostate during a blow job or intercourse?

There are also tons of toys available to help you find and stimulate your prostate to mind-blowing orgasms time and time again. Try the Prostate Massager PRO for your first foray into the world of prostate play. Simple to use with an effective shape that targets your p-spot effectively, the Prostate Massager PRO is a low price introduction that’s ideal for beginners. Or for something a little more adventurous, try the Cheeky Boy Prostate Massager that’s a prostate massager, anal beads and dildo in one! The Nexus Titus Prostate Massager  is a unique massage that not only targets your prostate but also features a heavy rolling ball that slides across your perineum as you move it inside you for an extra level of stimulation.

Alternatively, visit the whole Prostate Massager section for loads more ideas to help you get to know your p-spot.



Toys for Boys

You might be surprised to learn that sex toys didn’t just appear with the vulcanisation of rubber. Oh no. As far back as 500BC in ancient Greece dildos (or an ‘olibos’ as it was known then) were being sold as sex aids for lonely women whose husbands were away from home.

Things have come a long way since those days and sex toys are no longer largely the private domain of women; the boys have plenty to be excited about too. From cock rings, to blow up dolls, penis pumpsdildos or masturbators, there’s a massive range of toys for boys that can be used alone or with a partner.

For sex toy beginners, cock rings are a great way to get started on the wonderful slippery slope towards a more interesting sex life. The Lelo Tor II is probably the most luxurious cock ring on the market with its brushed silicone finish, simple operation and silent vibration. A true boys toy, the Tor is rechargeable and looks every inch the high-class gadget it is. If James Bond had a cock ring this would be it.

If solo pleasure is more what you’re after then you can’t go wrong with the ‘Real Feel Superskin’ and incredible sensations of a Fleshlight. The world’s most popular male masturbator for a reason, Fleshlight have a massive range of mouth, vagina and ass orifices all with different inner textures and stimulation. Some vibrate, some have specially designed textures to train you to delay ejaculation and some are even moulded directly from your favourite porn stars. Our current fave is the Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal  that not only features a realistic pussy and unique ‘crystal’ inner texture but the whole thing is transparent so you get to see yourself in action!

Whether you’re new to the pleasures of your prostate or you’re experienced in p-spot manipulation and the incredible orgasms it brings, the Private Dancer Prostate Massager in Charcoal is the perfect sex toy for the man who wants to experiment. Specially shaped for anal insertion, the clever design of the Private Dancer locates your prostate easily and comfortably so you can massage yourself to an intense climax. Perfectly designed for solo play, the Private Dancer is also a great couple’s toy. Made from luxurious high quality plastic, this is a simple and effective toy for exploring the delights of anal play.

Don’t forget that lubrication is key when playing with sex toys (or yourself, or a partner for that matter!) so pop one of our Sexual Lubricants in your basket while you shop for a super slippery stimulation sensation.