Good Head Suckers

The humble blow job. Whether you’re getting one or giving one, it’s easy to forget that sometimes they could benefit from a bit of spicing up, because let’s face it; someone’s mouth on your best parts is awesome even on an off-day.

We love the Good Head Suckers; blow job lollypops that not only provide a range of interesting and tantalising sensations for him but are a sweet treat for her that taste amazing (and yes, we’ve tasted them).

Check out the Warming Cinnamon and Salivating Sour Apple  flavour lollypops for a new and unique blow job experience.

Combine with some of our favourite tips from Bondara HQ for incredible head:

Surprise Him – Grab him the minute he gets in from work. Don’t say a word. You can work out the rest.

Role Play/Dress Up – That Wonder Woman outfit from last Halloween? Dig it out and pop it on.

Location, Location, Location – The shower, on the stairs, in the kitchen….you name it. As long as you don’t get caught, it’s all fair game.