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Vibrators For Those With Phantom Genitalia

O-Gasmic Jelly Vibrator

Phantom genitalia.

Yup, you read that right. Apparently, some scientist (and I use that word loosely) claims to have found a new gender. This gender is neither male nor female. 32 people from an online bi-gender group claim they can switch from one gender to another on a whim. These people suffer from an undiagnosed condition called “alternating gender incongruity”, in which they claim they can switch from male to female and vice versa involuntarily. These people claim to experience phantom breasts or genitalia of the gender to which they were not born.

Sounds like a mental condition to me. They can’t really switch genders. No way.

Some sex toys are not quite what they appear to be. The O-Gasmic Jelly Vibrator is really two sex toys in one. This vibrator is made of jelly rubber and it’s shaped in a realistic fashion like a penis, including the balls. You may use this toy anally or vaginally. The jelly is soft and pliable. It will satisfy you both on dry land and in water since it is waterproof. A mere twist of the base will give you multi-speed vibrations.

And now the fun begins. Remove the jelly sleeve and voila!; it turns into a classic vibrator! Long, sleek, and made of rigid plastic, this vibrator will give you hours of endless sexual pleasure. This highly-rated vibrator will please you both in and out of the water as well as give you monumental orgasms. Use it vaginally or anally. You will enjoy this vibrator because it is so versatile. Buy your jelly vibrators and other vibrators from Bondara!