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Skimpy Dresses Turn Heads

Pink Lipstick String Back Mini Dress

A designer from Greece has designed what she calls “super sexy” frocks. These dresses look pretty innocuous from the front but from the back… they have openings in order to show off what the designer says is a woman’s most attractive asset.

Her bum.

Yes, you will see lots of cleavage from these dresses but not the usual cleavage. From the front some of these sexy dresses and clubwear even look like work attire but with that open bum you won’t see anyone wearing these dresses to the office. No, they are meant for parties and clubs fit for only the daring to wear. You may pair them with sexy underwear as long as it is top only, for obvious reasons.

The thing is, Bondara has already been there, done that. This designer is a day late and a dollar short. Bondara already carries a very fetching dress that shows off the bum in the best way imaginable. This Pink Lipstick string back fishnet mini dress leaves little to the imagination. It’s a tube dress that hugs each one of your curves and shows off your sexy body. It’s strapless and reaches to the upper thigh. Hand wash only. Comes in black. It’s so skimpy it air dries quickly. Best of all, the back of this dress is comprised of strings that show off your near naked bum! Show off your shapely backside to all who stand behind you as you walk. Do you want to be daring and bold the next time you go out? Do you want to stand out at your next fetish party? Then you need this dress!