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Sexy Dresses To Flaunt What You Have

Sexy Lace Mini Dress

A former TV executive who declared to the world she was beautiful and had her arse handed back to her on a platter is now bashing women she believes are too ugly for TV. This woman insists that another woman who is the presenter of a popular BBC2 programme needs to pay more attention to her looks. People “too ugly” for TV should be removed from it, she said. Of course, all the “people” she named were women, many of them older. You don’t see many people clamouring for the removal of older men on TV because men are allowed to age in front of the camera whereas women must always look as if they’re 21 years old even into their 50s. This former TV exec believes these “ugly women” should get cosmetic surgery and go to the gym to look their best – as in attempt to turn back the clock.

That host of the popular BBC2 programme? She fired back that she’s too brainy for men who fear clever women. Good for her! The former TV executive is playing Queen Bee and it will backfire on her when she gets old enough to require the plastic surgery and time at the gym she requires for older women – say, when she reaches 30. Or earlier. She’s thick as a brick if she thinks otherwise.

Women come in many shapes and sizes. And looks. Why not celebrate what you have? Show off your form in sexy dresses and club wear and sexy underwear? This sexy lace mini dress is elegant and classy as well as sexy. It’s delicate with slit arms. This semi-transparent dress is perfect for a night on the town or for a private party at home in your flat. It’s black and comes in sizes small through large. Wear it and feel as beautiful as you are.