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Jelly Vibrators Make You Hum

Purple Super Jelly Dildo Vibrator

Have you heard about the Canadian video game that’s designed to teach young people about responsible sex? It has characters named the Sperminator and Wonder Vag.

No, I’m not making this up.

The original was so controversial it ran afoul of the Catholic school board since the school board focused on abstinence. No surprise there. In the original, The Sperminator is infected and he squirts his semen all over Wonder Vag, who occasionally cries out “Aaah! Right in the face!” The sequel should get the same response from those who have a problem with it. In the sequel, Wonder Vag, who has a figure like a Barbie doll, is caged. The Sperminator is cured and loses his penis arms. Yes, it’s surreal.

The gist of the game is that Wonder Vag is kidnapped by her evil twin sister, Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary keeps her sister trapped in a cage in a bar where she’s forced to drink booze unless she’s rescued. Along comes The Sperminator – now cured and divested of his penis arms – as well as other superheroes and they rescue her. The game player answers questions about sex to release Wonder Vag. You of course have to get the answers right. Wonder Vag gets away and Bloody Mary is left drunk and vomiting. The lesson for young people is about the dangers of mixing drinking and drugs with irresponsible and risky behavior, including sexual behavior.

Use your sex toys in a responsible manner. Don’t share unless you clean in between uses, especially if you’re switching from anus to vaginal. If using a dildo or vibrator, cover it with a condom when using anally and then discard the condom to use vaginally. But above all enjoy your vibrators! One fine example of a fun vibrator is this purple super jelly vibrator. Like all jelly vibrators it’s soft and pliant. Jelly vibes are known for being high quality and soft to the touch. You’ll be in orgasm heaven when you use this solid jelly vibrator. It’s realistically shaped and it feels like a real penis from the well-formed head down to the massive and squeezable balls. Ramp up the vibrations until you’re beside yourself with pleasure. This vibe is also waterproof so take it in the bath with you. And remember to clean up thoroughly after use. Sex toy cleaner will do the trick. Above all, enjoy your sex play.