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Ball Stretchers and Ball Crushers – Love Your Testicles!

Ball Crusher And Ball Stretcher Combo

Sometimes the articles are too unreal but very true: “Chefs at this year’s World Testicle & Aphrodisiac Cooking Championships have revealed they will dedicate their dishes to the newlyweds [ Prince William and Duchess Catherine], who tied the knot on April 29.” One of the cooks at this event thinks the Duke and Duchess would be more likely to bear children if they ate some of his tasty concoctions. He also recommended his book “Cooking With Balls”. All testicles except human are edible.

Not sure if serious.

I’ve heard of Rocky Mountain Spotted Oysters but I’ve never eaten them. That said, you don’t have to eat balls to enjoy them. Why not snack on some roasted beef testicle whilst wearing a cracking set of ball stretchers? There are other related male sex toys like ball crushers that you may enjoy. Can’t decide which one to get? How about a combination of both? This fab ball crusher and ball stretcher combo will bring your balls to where you want them. These silver-coloured stainless steel ball crushers put just the right amount of pressure on your balls to give you that heavy and tantalizing sexual experience you crave. The stretcher splits for easy attachment. The stretcher also detached from the crusher for greater flexibility. This ball stretcher and ball crusher is also heavy, giving you additional stimulation. Enjoy this ball stretcher and ball crusher combo. It’s the ultimate CBT toy! Leave the roasted sheep testicles to the chefs.