Happy Mother’s Day- Would You Buy Your Mum A Sex Toy?

We know what you’re thinking. “No, of course I wouldn’t buy my Mother a sex toy, that’s gross!” But is it?

All our mums were at least once sexual beings (let’s face it, they probably still are!) with needs and desires- some of which they may never have fulfilled. If you’re of a similar age to most of us in the Bondara office your Mum is on her way- or well into- retirement so would have been at her prime during a time where sex toys weren’t as acceptable or mainstream. There’s a good chance she’s never experienced the intense sensations of a vibrator or experimented with couples toys before. Maybe she’s totally fine with that, but what about if you suspect she’s curious?

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Someone With A Fetish

It is believed that many of us have a sexual fetish – some people even hold true that “everyone” has a fetish, although I’m not convinced. Yet when we’re told that someone has a fetish, what do we think? We think they’re weird, perverted… maybe even scary?

To the most conservative members of society just hearing the world “fetish” will conjure up images of the basement scene from Pulp Fiction. So this week, rather than talking about fetishes, let’s talk about the people who have them!

Here are 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Someone with a Fetish;

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Exercise Makes Sex Better!

Exercise improves your sex life!

Yes! It’s true and blindingly obvious when you really think about it. Lets get into the tingling details and start pumping up your sex life.

Now a lot of people when thinking about exercise don’t often think of sex, or sexiness or anything remotely hot. And this, my lovely sex pests, is where you are going wrong already.

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Sweaty fetish

After several years of writing this blog it can be difficult to come up with new ideas for posts – that’s why I’m always very happy when something springs to mind during the course of my day. Yesterday I went for a long run and then came home dripping with sweat and thought “sweat fetish – I bet that’s a thing!”

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Aquaphilia, from the Latin “water lover” describes sexual arousal from water or being submerged therein. This fetish, also known as hydrophilia and albutophilia, has many different facets and can be enjoyed in a number of ways.

Some water lovers like to see people in water and to watch them swim, whereas for other aquaphiles the attraction of water is more sensory; the feel of a shower may be stimulating or the sound of rain appealing. Watching a stream make its way downhill could also be a very pleasing experience.

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“I Married The Eiffel Tower!” – Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday – how exciting!

Valentine’s Day is like Marmite; you either love it or you hate it – but, unlike Marmite your feelings towards this holiday likely depend on your relationship status. This year I’m single and probably going to a “Love Stinks, Let’s Drink” singles party with a few of my other single friends. But what about if you’re married to an inanimate object like the Eiffel Tower?

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Fetish Friday- NSFL?

It’s Wrong but it Feels so Reich…

World War II ended on the 8th May 1945 and although that date was more than 70 years ago it’s a day that will never be forgotten.

60 million people were killed during WWII; the earth’s population dropped 3% from 2.3 billion (yup – we’ve gained an extra 5 billion people in the last 70 years – wtf?!)

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Eat Yourself Sexy | Sage

For this episode (episode?) of Eat Yourself Sexy we’re talking sage. Sage was used in the Middle Ages to treat the plague, clear the head and restore the senses. Further back still, Sage was used by the Ancient Romans to increase women’s fertility and ward off evil. Although it arguably did little to stop the black plague, the Romans were definitely on to something when they used it to help women.

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Big and Brawny Bodybuilders

How is everyone’s January going? Still sticking to those New Year’s resolutions of eating clean, training hard and getting swole?

Well, if you’re a bodybuilder bro still hitting the gym hard and lifting heavy then here’s some motivation for you to keep up the good work. Not only will bodybuilding make you feel like a big, brawny boss every time you flex in front of your bathroom mirror, you can also get all kinds of attention for your gains.

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