Signs that Show She’s Into You

Dating was easy when we were children – a lone “hello” in the morning would lead to a giggling “will you go out with me?” by mid-afternoon. While it may have only lasted a week, we still had someone’s hand to hold on the playground.

Now, we need to decode signals, avoid the dreaded friend-zone and stop ourselves wondering if she’s still swiping right on stranger’s profiles. To help you out, we’ve wracked our brains for ten signs that show she’s into you.

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Racial Fetishism – Is Preference Racist?

If you follow big-name YouTubers, you probably heard Philip DeFranco discussing race last week. He was debating sexual preference and whether or not a preference for one race over another is racist.

This story was sparked by a series of tweets from fellow YouTuber and online personality, Tyler Oakley (@tyleroakley), who proclaimed that having a racial preference is indeed racist…

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Winter Date Ideas

When it comes to winter dates and romance, we’re often sold a lie. Films portray a picture-perfect couple laughing and playing in untouched snow. In reality, we’re faced with winter flu, miserable rain and frostbite! Easy though it may be, don’t let your relationship slip into hibernation with you this winter. Brave the dropping temperatures and give your dating a revamp with our five winter date ideas. It’s time to discover why these dark months are the most romantic time of the year.

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Tinder Match with a Financial-Submissive

So recently I had a Tinder match that was quite out of the ordinary; a guy offering me far more than just dinner and a movie…

When a person tells me about their fetish, I’m fascinated. I’ve been writing about sexual fetishes for years so I love hearing about people’s unique kinks and quirks. I’ve written in the past about financial domination and “pay pigs”, but what this chap wanted was something very specific.

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Five Fetish Ideas for Autumn – Halloween Special!

With today being Halloween and the clocks going back over the weekend, we’re certainly feeling autumnal! The days are getting colder and the nights are drawing in but not to worry – there are plenty of reasons to be excited! From Halloween and Bonfire night to crunchy woodland walks and the countdown to Christmas, autumn is certainly my favourite time of year!

So, in honor of this spooky season, here are five fetishes for you to enjoy…

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Small Penis Fetish

For last week’s Fetish Friday blog I wrote about Big Cock Fetish and the appreciation of enormous dongs! For this week’s blog, let’s talk about the exact opposite!

Small Cock Fetish.

Huh? There’s such a thing as a small cock fetish!?


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Big Cock

I’ve been writing this Fetish Friday blog for more than 3 years and yet I’ve somehow managed to miss out one of the most seemingly obvious fetishes of all… BIG COCK!

That’s right. Many of us LOVE a huge member.

A quick web search of big cock fetish brings up porno movies with titles such as “MILFs Like It Big”, “Monster Cock”, “Dangerous Dongs”, “King Dong”, “Black Reign X” and “Mega Cock Cravers”.

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Disney XXX and Cartoon Fetishism

This week, for the first time in my life, I went to Disneyland! While most people probably just enjoy wearing cute mouse ears and riding rollercoasters, I got thinking about my Fetish Friday blog…having a Disney fetish is a thing!

Have you ever seen those posts online that profess to “ruin your childhood”? In such posts an artist will have produced pornographic illustrations of your favourite Disney characters. For instance, Disney Princess lesbian group sex; Jasmine enjoying the magic lamp; Snow White and the seven dwarfs; Alice in Pleasureland and anything with Gaston!

But it’s not just Disney. Any half decent cartoonist can transform your favourite animated character into an anal porn star; characters from The Simpsons, Pokémon, Family Guy, My Little Pony, Scooby Doo, Spiderman, Dexter’s Lab, Super Mario, the Incredible Hulk – no character is safe!

But why?

(And why are the Simpsons ones always incestuous?)

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How to Eat Pussy

Oral sex: perfect on its own and as foreplay but so easy to get wrong. Unlike going down on men, when their most sensitive spot is – quite literally – staring you in the face, women are more elusive. To ensure you going south on her doesn’t do the same to her arousal, we’ve compiled our top ten tips on how to eat pussy. Make sure that jaw’s loose and we’ll get straight down to it.

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Fetish Agony Aunt – Part 2

Hello Bondara Bunnies,

Today we’ll be doing another Fetish Friday Agony Aunt blog post in which I answer your pressing questions about sex, relationships and even kinkier topics.

(Leave us a comment below or email us at [email protected] and be part of the next Fetish Agony Aunt post!)

So let’s dive right into it…

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