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Our Top 10 Sex Toys for Couples

Introducing our top 10 sex toys for couples to have you both screaming ‘yes, yes, YES!’.  Whether you’re after some foreplay fun, intercourse excitement or anal play, a toy is perfect for spicing up the bedroom. With so many to choose from, finding the best one for both of you can feel daunting – and if anything will kill a hard-on it’ll be that – so we’ve compiled a handy guide (what would you do without us?).


  1. Couple’s Vibrators


We couldn’t make this list without involving the couple’s vibrator! An innovative toy that brings simultaneous pleasure to the two of you, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Ergonomically designed to fit inside her body while still leaving room for penetration, you’ll both receive incredible stimulation from the vibrations. Pleasuring the head, shaft, g-spot and clitoris all at once, this toy will unleash your passion and have you both climaxing more intensely than ever – no matter what position you’re in!

  1. Massage Oil

Hand on woman's back by bottom giving massage

Ok, technically not a sex toy – but a sensual massage is perfect for reconnecting, winding down and boosting intimacy. Enjoy the fruity and aphrodisiac aromas available as you give your grateful partner a rub-down, earning some serious brownie points to bank for later. A number of oils are dual-purpose lubricants, so let your hands continue to do the talking as you work down their body and bring them to a mind-blowing orgasm.

  1. Feather Tickler

bondara image of woman wearing maid outfit with feather tickler

Indulge in some sensory stimulation with a feather tickler. Awaken nerve endings as you lightly trail the feathers across your partner’s skin, flicking over their erogenous zones for extra tease. The flirtatious tickler is perfect if you’re a budding sex toy beginner and has become a staple item for naughty bedside drawers. You never know, you might enjoy the French maid look so much you want to try the whole outfit!

  1. Love Egg with Remote Control

lelo remote control love egg sex toy in pink

Spice up the supermarket shop with your new best friend: the love egg. Slip the egg inside you, handing over the remote (and all power) to your partner. Reach orgasmic heights as he controls the toy’s vibrations, taking cruel satisfaction as you try desperately hard not to moan. Often coming with multiple vibration settings, retrieval cords for easy removal and waterproof designs for bath-time fun, this toy will remain the perfect secret – if you stay quiet enough! You’ll be so horny by the time you get some privacy, you’ll be ripping his clothes off.

  1. Handcuffs

black and white image of woman tied up with latex wrist and leg cuffs

Gone are the days of limited furry designs; tie up your partner with seductive silk, bondage-style leather and alluring lace handcuffs. Watch as they become submissive to your desires and left at your mercy as you touch them wherever and however you please. If you find handcuffs too tame, satisfy the Christian Grey in you by experimenting with more confining restraints and spreader bars.

  1. Blindfold

man looking seductively at woman with lace blindfold and red lipstick

In latex, lace or leather, shielding just your eyes or a full-face mask for sensory deprivation, you’re bound to find a blindfold that gets both your hearts racing. Wear as a kinky addition to bondage play or a seductive accessory for your lingerie. Allure your partner with the open-eye styles or wear a full-coverage mask and act out your fantasies of sex with a stranger.

  1. Spanker

man spanking with crop on bare bottom of woman wearing suspenders

Perfect for teacher-student roleplay, indulge in light or hard BDSM play as your partner lays across your knees waiting for their spanking. The flatter, wider styles of paddles and crops are perfect if you want to give a smack with less of a sting, while whips produce intense lashings for particularly naughty moments. Your submissive partner will be puppy-eyed and apologetic by the time you’re finished, the red marks leaving a lasting kinky reminder for you both.

  1. Vibrating Cock Ring

selection of vibrating bullet cock rings

A vibrating cock ring will give the pair of you body-trembling pleasure that even the fastest fingers and tongues couldn’t match, while still bringing all the benefits of standard cock rings. Hugging the base of your penis, the ring constricts blood flow to give you a harder erection, longer-lasting performance and more powerful climaxes. This toy is mega-affordable, so you can experiment with plenty of the materials and styles available!

  1. Cock Sleeve

pink caged cock sleeve with extension and rabbit ears

Perfect for hetero or homosexual relationships, the cock sleeve promises pleasure in styles as versatile as your erotic imagination. Go simple with plain designs to prolong your performance or choose ribbed styles for increased internal stimulation for her. Buy a sleeve with rabbit ears for simultaneous clitoral stimulation or one with multi-speed vibration settings for never-ending excitement. If you’d like to add a few inches to the length and girth of your penis, try out an extension cock sleeve and transform your penis into a climax-inducing cock. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Anal Beads

blue anal beads with staggered sizing

Anal beads are the perfect introduction to anal play as they are available in slim styles with beads that gradually increase in size. Use during foreplay or intercourse and ask your partner to insert the beads slowly as they pleasure you. At the point of orgasm, they should remove them quickly to give you a climax more intense than ever. This toy is ideal for stimulating internal erogenous zones, such as the man’s highly sensitive p-spot, without the girth of a butt plug, strap-on or penis. If you want an extra buzz (see what we did there?), try some vibrating beads for stimulation that will leave you wanting more and more…


Depending on the toy that’s caught your eye, you’re going to need some lubricant to keep you friction-free. Choose a plain lube or experiment with tingle and flavoured lubes for added fun. Don’t forget – silicone based lubricants are not compatible with silicone sex toys, so make sure you check the material first! Other than that, both of you go and enjoy your new favourite toy!

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  1. I had an ex girlfriend that absolutely loved sex toy. It is a cock ring that gives you clitoral stimulation during sex. Couple’s Vibrators is a favorite one for us. Thank you “pleasureplayz” for providing sex toys for fun.

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