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The Best Sex Toys for Couples

Sex toys aren’t just for solo masturbation! For foreplay fun or intercourse excitement, our best sex toys for couples will have you both screaming ‘yes, yes, YES!’ Introduce one to the bedroom and enjoy a whole new dimension of pleasure.

Since there’s such a huge choice, finding the best one for both of you can be daunting. To help you out, we’ve compiled our favourites (what would you do without us?).

Cock Sleeves

Trio of caged cock sleeves and rabbit clitoral stimulators

Cage Me In Vibrating Rabbit Cock Sleeve

As versatile as your kinky imagination, the cock sleeve is available in countless variations.  As well as wrapping his shaft for thicker erections, prolonged ejaculation and explosive climaxes, a cock sleeve can also feature:

Textured Shaft: A textured cock sleeve promises incredible internal stimulation with every stroke. This can be through ribs, nodules and even clitoral stimulators! Be bold in design and you’ll be rewarded in pleasure.

Extension Sleeve: Add some inches to transform your penis into a climax-inducing cock and delight in stimulation deeper than ever. You’ll both love the effect of an extension sleeve. Whether he wants to simply extend his cock or have extra features too, you’ll both love the effect of these.


Couple’s Vibrators

Lelo Noa Rechargeable and Couple's Vibrator in black

LELO Noa Couple’s Rechargeable Vibrator

We couldn’t make this list without including the couple’s vibrator! For pleasure you can share, a couple’s vibrator is an innovative and U-shaped toy worn internally by her. Ergonomically designed, one end fits against her G-spot while the other rests against her clitoris. While she receives powerful, dual vibrations, he still has room to penetrate. As he does, he’ll brush against the vibrator for sensational ripples of pleasure with every stroke.

This incredible toy stimulates the head, shaft, G-spot and clitoris all at once. While on the pricier end of sex toys, they’re certainly one to put on your bucket list!


Remote Vibrators

Remote control wireless vibrator

Purple Passion 10 Speed Remote Egg

Fun on your own; even better with your partner! Hand your partner the remote and become submissive to their impulsive whims. Remote vibrators come in two different styles: wired and wireless. To take complete control of the action, head over to our guide.

Wired: Often cheaper than their wireless equivalent, a long cable is all that connects your unlimited stimulation to the click of a button. Perfect for foreplay, spice up the bedroom as you decide whether to tease or please.

Wireless: For the thrill-seekers amongst you, wireless vibrators let you take your fun to all types of playgrounds. The supermarket, work or even out for dinner – nothing’s off limits!  As your partner holds the remote, they can deliver teasing tickles or mind-blowing stimulation whenever they wish. This toy will remain the perfect secret – but only if you stay quiet enough!


Anal Beads

Purple jelly anal beads

Purple Jelly Anal Beads

The perfect introduction to anal play, anal beads are available in slim styles with beads that gradually increase in size. Suitable for hetero and homosexual relationships, they can be used during foreplay or intercourse. Ask your partner to insert the toy slowly and, at the point of orgasm, they should remove them quickly. Due to the sensation, you’ll experience a climax more intense than ever.

Anal beads are ideal for stimulating internal erogenous zones, such as the man’s p-spot, without the girth of a butt plug, strap-on or penis.

If you want an extra buzz (see what we did there?), try some vibrating beads. The stimulation will leave you wanting more and more…


Depending on the toy that’s caught your eye, you’re going to need some lubricant to keep you friction-free. If you want to get the full know-how on couple’s sex toys, read our guide. Other than that, go and enjoy your new favourite toy!

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