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For the Love of Latex

Sometimes, it’s ok to be materialistic. For “rubberists”, materials play a far bigger part towards their sexual satisfaction than other people. With a fetish for latex or rubber, rubberists find themselves attracted to people wearing latex clothing, wearing it themselves or, in some cases, the garment itself.

A latex fetish is a subcategory of rubber fetishism and, as the name suggests, is a love for all things latex.

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The Practicalities of Pegging

Pegging: the sexual act of a female anally penetrating her male partner with a strap-on.

It’s no secret that male anal play can be extremely pleasurable. Dubbed as the ‘male G-spot’, the prostate is a walnut-sized gland that sits about 2-3 inches inside the anus. Stimulation of this super-sensitive spot, be that with a finger, butt plug or massager, can lead to intense pleasure and explosive climaxes – so don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

But what if you want to take your anal adventures to the next level? Pegging is a highly intimate experience that lets the woman adopt the role of ‘giver’, introducing a new and exciting dynamic to your sex life that every hetero couple should try at least once.

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Lock Up! The Key to Chastity

It seems to be a natural human reaction that as soon we’re told to not do something, we instantly find it more appealing. Red buttons, hot plates, orgasms…

Chastity devices can be used by couples, individually and as part of a Dom(me)/sub relationship. For some, chastity is used situationally. However, for those who integrate it into their lifestyle, the 15th February is not just ‘the day after Valentine’s’ or Single’s Awareness Day, but International Male Chastity Day.

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International Fetish Day: The UK’s Top Fetishes

Every year, on the third Friday of January, the world celebrates International Fetish Day. Baubles from Christmas are replaced with ball gags, gift wrap is replaced with bondage tape and silent nights turn into moan-filled evenings.

Created to increase awareness of the fetish community, International Fetish Day encourages people to be more open about their kinks and sexuality. Most people, whether they admit it or not, have a fetish. Of course, it’s not something you usually introduce yourself by or mention in general chit-chat, but a way of discreetly demonstrating your support for International Fetish Day is to wear purple – so pay attention to what your friends and colleagues are wearing today.

To celebrate International Fetish Day, we’re looking into the UK’s most popular and more unusual fetishes…

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25 Sexy Songs To Get In The Mood

We all know ‘Bad Touch’, ‘I’m Too Sexy’ and ‘Sex on the Beach’. Don’t get us wrong – we like dancing to them as much as the next person – but when it comes to songs that actually make us feel in the mood for sex, they don’t quite do the trick.

Turn up the volume on these 25 songs and get ready for a night to remember…

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Last Minute Sexy Gift Ideas

When it comes to Christmas presents, there’s always pressure to find something with that ‘wow’ factor. Well, these toys more than deliver! Give them something they’re not expecting (but they’ll thank you for!) with a sexy gift from Bondara.

We’ve hand-picked our favourites, for him, for her or for both of you to enjoy together.

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Our Top 10 Lingerie Picks for an X-Rated Xmas

We’ve been good all year (kind of), but it’s looking more and more likely that we’ll be on Santa’s naughty list come Christmas. However, with lingerie this nice, naughtiness comes naturally…

With sexy Miss Santa styles, red lace pieces, bows and more, we’ve handpicked our top 10 lingerie picks for an x-rated xmas. Looking and feeling fabulous shouldn’t break the bank, so all of these pieces cost less than £30. Undress to impress and make it a flirty, dirty Christmas.

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Dress to Kill this Halloween

(Un)dress to impress this Halloween with a sexy costume from Bondara. Indulge a uniform fetishism or go more low-key with a wet-look outfit.

With full outfits and the accessories to match, we’ve put together some of our favourite looks so you can make sure you’re killing it come the 31st October.

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Help! Which sex toy is right for me?

Looking for your first sex toy but not sure where to start? Or maybe you want to up the ante but don’t know what’s next? Don’t worry! This blog goes through some of our favourite toys for beginners, kinky players and more extreme thrill-seekers.

Whether it’s your first or fifth toy, an upgrade or something completely new, we’re here to take your sex toy purchase from problematic to climatic.

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