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Sometimes you need a bit more guidance before you get to the sex stage! Our Relationship Advice section is here to give you advice about dating, relationships, sex positions and much more.

The Hottest Movie Scenes Ever

Julia Roberts on top of the piano, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s submissive state and Zac Efron’s shirtless wet body. Whether they’re realistic or completely over the top, the best movie sex scenes have rising music and tension-filled backstories. No one can deny we love a good film romp, and we’re here to round up a few of the hottest movie scenes ever. Prepare to swoon.

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Singles Awareness Day and Why We Love It

Valentine’s Day is finally over and, for those of us who are single, now is our time to shine. For the past few weeks, we’ve been bombarded with enough romance, love hearts and candles to make us gag. Now we can step out of the shadows and celebrate our single life. Our life that means there’s no snoring in bed, no hair grips everywhere and no one stealing the duvet.

Today is Single’s Awareness Day and, while it may not be taken quite as seriously as other holidays, that shouldn’t make it any less celebrated. The pessimistic (i.e. jealous) people, nickname today as S.A.D. when really, we’re just being thankful for our single, entire-tub-of-ice-cream-for-me life.

Turn up the Chaka Khan and belt out the Boys are Back in Town as we appreciate Singles Awareness Day and why we love it.

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How to Have a Romantic Valentine’s Dinner

As Valentine’s Day is a time of heartfelt sentiment, make it extra special this year for your lover with a romantic dinner at the most exclusive address in town – your place. Ladies and gents, here’s how to have a romantic Valentine’s dinner at home – with a twist…

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Valentine’s Lingerie 101: Your Guide to Getting it Right

Looking for some Lingerie to really wow your significant other? Our Valentine’s Lingerie 101 class is about to begin and we’re going to give you the lowdown on how to get it right.

It’s all about the lingerie sets, the show-stopping basques and the flirty babydolls. Create a look you love and flaunt it in front of your partner.

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Fun and Quirky Things to do on Valentine’s Day

Bored of doing the same thing year after year? Cancel dinner at the restaurant you always go to and save your favourite rom-com for another night. With our fun and quirky things to do on Valentine’s Day, getting out of a rut has never been easier.

This year, the 14th falls on a Tuesday. A mid-week date night isn’t appealing to everyone, so we suggest celebrating at the weekend too. By spending the entire day together, you have more freedom on what you can do – while also avoiding any work-related stress! Most importantly, it gives you the perfect excuse to celebrate Valentine’s twice.
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First Date Ideas

The scary part is over: you’ve wooed, you’ve flirted and you’ve snagged yourself a date. Now what? Seriously…now what? The classic coffee date is fine but a little ‘meh’, so save your double-shot-soy-milk-no-foam latte for another time. For something more memorable, these first date ideas are sure to make your budding romance bloom.

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Your Guide to Dating Apps

Online dating used to have quite a stigma attached to it. Now, it seems everyone’s on dating apps and thousands of singles are, quite literally, in the palm of your hand. Enjoy connecting from the comfort of your own sofa, where no one will know if you’re wearing your onesie! With a wave of new apps, it’s difficult to know where to start (cue: Bondara). In Your Guide to Dating Apps, we take you through the dos and don’ts, as well as some of our favourite sites.

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What To Do This New Year’s

In a couple of weeks, skies will light up with fireworks and midnight kisses will fill the room. (We can’t wait!) Whether you’re single or celebrating as a couple, you’re probably after inspiration for what to do this New Year’s.

2016 has been a hell of a year. It hosted a presidential election full of surprises, Brexit and, perhaps most shocking of them all, Toblerone-gate. As always, it’s flown by. The time has come to say goodbye and welcome in 2017 with open arms. Make this New Year’s Eve your best one yet.

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Naughty Christmas Gifts

Oh, Christmas: the best time to surprise your loved ones with a little something extra. But what presents do they really want to receive? Let us take the stress out of shopping with our guide to the best naughty Christmas gifts around. Whether you’re looking for a cheeky stocking filler or a new couple’s toy to spice up the bedroom, there’s sure to be something that tickles your fancy. Our elves are always busy, and the workshop is now open…

Give the gift of climax this Christmas with sex toys from Santa.

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