Al-Fresco Sex

You might have read my blog last week about the recent published results of a Sex Survey and how threesomes ranked as the top fantasy for both men and women. No? Well you can go and read that in a minute. I won’t be long.

Continuing down the list of fantasies and picking my favourite ones is the aim of this game, so this post is about Outdoor Sex. Coming in at number 2 for women and number 4 for men, sex in the great outdoors is apparently high on all of our naughty to-do lists. And why not! The fresh air, the thrill of potentially being discovered, the sounds of nature all around… It all sounds rather good doesn’t it? According to the various weather people and the rumour-mill, the UK is going to actually have a summer this year, so now is a good time to start planning some al fresco adventures.

Instead of tips (because honestly, if you’ve found your way here you don’t need them) I’m going to lay down my sexy gauntlet and set some challenges. They’re not hard, but they’ll be worth the effort. We’ll start off slow…don’t worry. Think of it like a checklist:

1. Sex in the garden

2. Sex at a garden party (audience optional)

3. Sex on the beach

4. Sex on the beach with sex on the beach cocktail 

5. Sex in a public place (no dogging! It doesn’t count as outdoors if you’re in the car. Not even if you have the windows rolled down)


The Rules-

1. Don’t get caught. If you get caught, don’t blame me.

2. Enjoy. 


Lather, rinse, repeat.