Naughty Games For Rainy Days Apr25


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Naughty Games For Rainy Days

*groan*, it’s been raining for ages and we’re bored of being stuck inside.

Luckily if you’re also at a loss for an indoor activity during these rainy days and you have some willing company then our range of sexy games for couples should keep you and your partner occupied for a while.

The Bedroom Game is an action packed addition to your board game collection with 90 different erotic activity cards that explore 6 areas of the bedroom: ‘Sex and Positions’, ‘Bondage and Fetish’, ‘Edibles and Body Toppings’, ‘Foreplay & Romance’, ‘Tickling’, ‘Seduction, Role-Play and Fantasy’, plus our favourite, ‘Teasing’.

You’ve probably heard of it; Monogamy, the ever-popular game for couples includes over 400 seductive ideas and 50 fantasy cards with three levels of play; Intimate, Passionate and Steamy. If that doesn’t keep you occupied for a few hours nothing will!

Or for couples looking for a bit more adventure and something new, Bondage Seductions is a fun way of exploring the world of bondage; from light spanking to restraints and dominance. The game includes Bondage Seduction Cards, Silky ties, Blindfold and a Rubber Whip to get you started but feel free to adapt with your own accessories!

Why not get all three and see how many activities you can get through before the rain stops?

Even when the sun does eventually come out, we might just stay inside…