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Eat Yourself Sexy | Sage

For this episode (episode?) of Eat Yourself Sexy we’re talking sage. Sage was used in the Middle Ages to treat the plague, clear the head and restore the senses. Further back still, Sage was used by the Ancient Romans to increase women’s fertility and ward off evil. Although it arguably did little to stop the black plague, the Romans were definitely on to something when they used it to help women.

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Eat Yourself Sexy | Mulberries

When we talk about foods that promote and support your sexual well-being it’s not uncommon that those foods have an interesting history and the Mulberry is no exception. This berry has a long history of both medicinal use and that of a staple food.

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Eat Yourself Sexy | Fennel

With its strong aniseed flavour, Fennel is either something you love or you hate. But if you do like that liquorice taste then it would be worth your while to add a little extra Fennel into your diet.


Since Ancient Roman times Fennel has been used as a medical plant to soothe digestive trouble and to ease coughs and colds. But more than that, this humble plant is an effective hormone balancer as well.


The oestrogenic qualities of Fennel can help to bring hormonal balance to women of all ages and can also help to relieve bloating and water retention. Meaning that after a helping of this super food, you’ll not only be doing your body a favour, but you’ll also feel more comfortable and likely more attractive. Which is just what you want if you’re getting ready for a date night.


Fennel comes in three forms; Fennel seeds and Fennel bulb and Fennel leaves, all of them taste similar and can all be used in a wide variety of ways.


Easy ways to eat the bulb that still ensure all the nutrients are there for the taking include adding a thinly sliced fennel bulb to a salad, into a soup or even simply roasting a halved or quartered bulb in olive oil and enjoy eating them with fingers.


The seeds are ideal for seasoning any meal or dish, but a slightly unique way of enjoying them is to steep them in hot water and enjoy as a tea. Add a dollop of honey for a touch of sweetness.


This makes for a quick, warm and delicious way to boost your confidence and bodily comfort when you need it most.

Eat Yourself Sexy | Red Wine

This week is more of a ‘Drink Yourself Sexy’ than usual, but like always, I’m sure you’ll be surprised by how powerful the foods you are already enjoying can affect your sex life.



You’ve probably heard before that red wine is good for you. But what if I told you that it could increase your libido?

Young couple sharing a glass of red wine in restaurant, celebrating or on romantic date. Focus on woman with glass.

Now I realise, and I’m sure you do too, that alcohol in any form should be consumed with caution and restraint, but if you’re planning a romantic evening with a cheeky glass of bubbly then why not swap your champagne for something slightly richer and enjoy the full bodied effects that follow.


Red wine contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that significantly increases natural testosterone production, helps to boost a healthy blood flow and circulation during intercourse and it has been found in a number of animal studies to be an effective anti-depressant.


With all the nutrients aside, a moderate amount of wine will relax your mind and body, releasing anxiety and often inhibitions. Making your sexual confidence rise and giving you that boost you need to explore something new with a partner if you are feeling particularly nervous beforehand.


Port, a deep, sweet and concentrated wine, is said to be one of the most potent libido enhancers in the wine family and other wine aphrodisiacs will often include added spices such as vanilla, ginger, cloves, cinnamon and more to enhance the aphrodisiac properties.

One of the most famously delicious ways to enjoy red wine, especially for those who don’t enjoy red wine on its own or don’t want to splash out on a pricey bottle, is to cook up a pot of mulled wine.


To do this simply fill a large pan with a whole bottle of red wine, a healthy splash of brandy (cherry brandy preferably), some fresh slices of orange, a mulled wine spice bag or two (found on the spice isle of any supermarket) and water it down with smooth orange juice to meet your taste preferences. Simply heat the mixture and enjoy when hot and steamy.


Christmassy, romantic and perfect for getting you in the mood.

Wax Play

The act of dripping hot wax onto the skin is something we have all probably done, whether by accident, for pleasure or from sheer curiosity.


Hot wax has a certain allure to it. It is thick, smooth, luxurious is it’s consistency and fascinating as it touches the skin and immediately begins to cool and harden. So many people will admit that they love pouring wax on the skin when they have a candle lit, so why should you have to wait until you next set of birthday candles to enjoy this sensation.

Bondage Wax takes this enjoyable sensation and uses it as a stimulant in the bedroom. Although it is often portrayed as an extreme sexual activity in films and literature, and in truth it can be pushed to the extreme in some cases, it can also be a romantic, indulgent and warming way to experience foreplay.


For beginners who are curious but want to start out slow, or for those who don’t enjoy restraint or domination play, why not try dimming the lights, lighting a few candles and experimenting with the sensation of the wax in different areas. As with all temperature related activities, the wax will bring more blood to the surface of the skin for enhanced sensitivity.

If you are a bondage fan and you do want to push your boundaries, wax can be a pleasurable torture to inflict on a submissive as they are tied up. In fact, Japanese Rope Bondage is often paired with wax play as two extremes of both restraint and sensation play.


We are so excited to be offering a range of luxury candles from The Bondage Man, an expert brand in the field of bondage wax play and a provider of some seriously high quality candles. These Bondage candles, unlike your run of the mill tea light candles, are made with environmentally and skin friendly soya wax and botanical oils. The burning temperature is slightly lower as well, making them a lot safer and reducing the risk of burning the skin.


The Bondage Man recommends that when starting out with using wax, you test on the skin first in case of allergies from the soya bean wax and drip the wax from a distance of 30cm so you can get comfortable with the technique and sensation. After that you can move onto smaller distances for a warmer and more stinging sensation.

With the vivid collection of colours that we are offering, you can enjoy creating stunning wax designs on the skin in addition to the shiver inducing stimulations. You can even play with some stunning UV colours. To remove, why not experiment further by using a cold spoon or blunt knife to lift off the wax and add another temperature delight to your experience.


If you would like to browse our bondage candle collection then click here.

Eat Yourself Sexy | Maca


At first glance you wouldn’t think the Maca Root could have any effect on your libido or sexual performance. But it turns out that this tiny shrivelled cross between a radish and a parsnip is actually a powerful aphrodisiac.


Grown in the Andes in Peru, the Maca root has been consumed by the locals for centuries as both a food source and an aphrodisiac. And they had good reason to! Scientific studies on this potent root have shown significant increases in the sexual behaviours and libido of those who consume it.


Not only does it increase libido, but the nutritional properties of the Maca prove that it is energy boosting, it reduces fatigue and depression, helps keep your metabolism healthy, it helps to build muscles and it is crammed full of antioxidants. For men it is super effective at increasing sperm count, semen volume and sperm health. For the women it increases fertility, helps to soothe menstrual symptoms and even relieves menopausal hormonal imbalances.

Maca is not a particularly common or well known vegetable and it is most commonly consumed via supplement capsules or ground into a powder. So to use it in a recipe you have to get a little create. The taste is often described as toasted, but it is widely agreed that the taste is quite unique. Therefore I would recommend mixing this in with other ingredients to complement the flavour.


You can add a scoop of ground Maca to a milkshake or smoothie for a sweet and creamy treat, add a scoop into your pancake mix for some added nutrients and taste, a tsp to your hot chocolate or even mix a few spoons into your morning bowl of muesli.


Need a way of introducing this aphrodisiac into your date night? Treat your date to a sweet, sticky and healthy snack or dessert with this Maca, Date and Coconut Snack Ball recipe.

All you need to do is throw a generous cup of wet dates and a cup of desiccated coconut into a blender or food processor and blend until they form a thick clump, then add a tbsp of coconut oil, a pinch of salt and two generous tbsps of Maca powder. Blend it for a little longer until all the ingredients are combined and then form the mixture into bite sized balls.


You can finish them off by rolling them in more coconut, or even a thin layer of coco powder for a note of bitter chocolate.

How Can Temperature Change Your Sex Life

To truly immerse in the pleasure of a sex toy, all elements of sensation should be taken into account including temperature. Some like it hot and others prefer it icy, but either way the added form of stimulation will be enough to send you deep into bliss.


Elements of temperature play can be found when using warming lubricant, massage candles, bondage candles, ice cubes and more.


But often overlooked are the solid and stunning Glass, Metal and Ceramic toys that are ready and waiting to infuse your body with scorching passion.


This particular category of toys has the coveted ability to absorb temperature, allowing you to experience the wonders of cool or warm sensations without filling up the ice tray or lighting a match.


Simply fill a sink or bath with enough hot or cold water to fully submerge the dildo, butt plug or other toy of your choosing and leave it to soak for a few minutes. In this time it should reach the optimum temperature for you to enjoy and suddenly all you thought you knew about sex toy stimulation will be turned on its head.


Glass, Ceramic and Metal sex toys make up some of the most beautiful erotic items available for your pleasure. Smooth, solid, glossy and more, these toys are stunningly designed to provide you with layers of pleasure unlike any other class of stimulating accessories.


Eat Yourself Sexy | Pumpkin Spice

If you have access to a wi-fi connection, or if you’ve been to Starbucks recently then you will have almost certainly heard about the pumpkin spice craze. If you’ve somehow avoided it up until this point then strap in! First made popular by the delicious pumpkin spiced latte at Starbucks, this flavour has become a bit of a phenomenon.


People are going crazy for it! ‘Basic white girls’ around the world are collecting up the hundreds of pumpkin spice editions of their favourite foods, booze and candies. Even candles and air fresheners are jumping on the flavour craze. Which begs the question, is pumpkin spice the new aphrodisiac?Pumpkin-Craze-634x377Well for starters the main ingredient in the classic flavour mix is Cinnamon! And you guessed it; Cinnamon is a commonly known aphrodisiac that has mood lifting and energy boosting effects.

In fact, Cinnamon oil is often used for sexual stimulation as it can cause the skin to tingle and even swell on contact, increasing the blood flow and therefore sensitivity.

A recent study conducted in Chicago looked at the effects of different scents on the sexual arousal of a group of 31 men. Lavender and (you guessed it) pumpkin pie where the most successful in arousing a response.


Next there is the ginger. Ginger is a main ingredient in the pumpkin spice flavour and if you’ve recently read Grey, you’ll know that ginger does sometimes feature strongly in the bedroom. It is also mentioned historically in all corners of the world as a well known aphrodisiac. Famously the French Madame du Barry, a head mistress of the King of France often served her lovers ginger tart to send them into a state of sexual submission.

Finally the cloves and nutmeg come into play. Nutmeg has been used throughout history as a treatment to the nervous system and to raise body temperature, whilst cloves are a natural pain killer and have been often used to sweeten ones breath.


So can we call pumpkin spice an aphrodisiac? Yes. We almost definitely can.

With the wide array of pumpkin spice items on the market currently, there is little need to make anything yourself to experience these powerful effect. Just take your date out for a latte and pick them up a pumpkin spice donut on the way home.

But if you do want to go the extra mile without spending all night in the kitchen, how about some pumpkin spice butter popcorn?


Simply pick up some popping corn and cover the base of a lidded saucepan with a single layer of kernels. Pour in a half cup of melted butter and some pre-mixed pumpkin spice flavouring and put the lid on the pan. Apply a mid to high heat and wait for the popping to stop. Be sure to take it off the heat once the popping has died down so the corn at the bottom doesn’t burn.

Then pour your hot and buttery popcorn into a bowl and snuggle up for some Netflix and chill.

If you don’t have pre-mixed flavour, simply combine a table spoon of brown sugar with a tsp of cinnamon, a tsp of ginger, and a half tsp of both cloves and nutmeg. Easy and delicious!


Or you could opt for the classic – Pumpkin Pie!

Found On The Internet | Walmart Sells Gun Oil Lube


A gun counter at a Walmart in Alabama has been stocking Gun Oil Lubricant under the impression that it would literally lubricate their guns.


I guess if you’re unfamiliar with anal lube then this is a relatively easy mistake to make, but seriously, who doesn’t read the label before buying something in!


Sorry Walmart, but Gun Oil, whilst being a very effective and high quality lubricant for your genitals, is not going to do much good for when applied to your hunting rifle.fb08

Who knows! Maybe this was all an intentional ploy to encourage those gun-shooting folk to put down their weapons and take up more of an interest in the finer things in life*


*Anal Sex

What Are You Wearing | Lingerie Guide



Corsets are waist cinching, lace up garments that help you to achieve that hourglass shape. They can cover the bust or sit just below, but they all pull the waist in.



A Basque is a waist cinching garment that extends from the shoulders to the waist and some will continue down onto the hips.



A Bustier is a long, tight bra that can extend down to the waist. Made to extenuate your bust and cinch in the waist.



A Chemise is usually a lingerie dress that does not use fasteners and can be either body contouring or slightly loose fitting.



A Teddy is a lingerie look that incorporates panties and joins underneath the crotch, much like a swimsuit.

Garter Belt


A Garter Belt can sit on the hips or higher on the waist and will hold up stocking with garter straps, allowing you to wear stockings without panties.



A Camisole is a silky and loose fitting top that usually sports thin shoulder straps and a low neckline for a relaxed and soft lingerie look.



Babydolls are a softer and lighter lingerie garment that classically cinch in below the bust for an empire waist. The material around the torso is then left to be loose fitting and flowing.



A Bodystocking is a fully body look that extends from the shoulders and torso, down into a form of leggings or tights. They are usually skin tight and often very sheer for a revealing look.