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Addicted To Cam Sex

Adult webcam sites have become increasingly popular over the years with many online pleasure-seekers opting to watch “real people” play live, rather than watching professionals act out a scripted scene. But with so much choice it can be easy to become addicted to cam sex.

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5 Ideas For Sploshing Fans

I’m often asked how I come up with ideas for Fetish Friday every week. How did I come up with 5 Ideas For Sploshing Fans for example?

Well, this bank holiday weekend I’ll be stocking up on cider, packing up my tent and heading to Leeds Festival. The last time I went to Leeds Fest  (summer 2013) the weather was atrocious and consequently the entire site was an absolute mud bath!

I remember people were wrestling in the mud, using air beds to race down slippery mud slides and were generally drenched from head to toe.

Reminiscing over that muddy affair got me to thinking about wet and messy fetishism. So,  the prospect of sliding through the mud this weekend gave me inspiration for these 5 wet and wild tips for sploshing lovers. 

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How To Give A Blow Job

Love it, hate it or barely have time for it; those of us inclined towards penis have wondered at least once if we’re sucking dick correctly. Just in case you’re not sure if you’re hitting those sweet spots, we’re here to provide you with some of our sure-fire tips on how to give a blow job. You’ll have his his legs twitching and pulse racing in no time.

  1. Stop thinking of it as a job


Now, the name is misleading but it shouldn’t be a chore! If you’re not enjoying it, he can tell and he’s probably not going to enjoy it as much. So loosen up, let your hair down (or tie it back) and get those jaw muscles working!

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Sensation Play- Stimulation and Deprivation

The five senses have a huge part to play in any sexual experience – in fact, what would sex be without the senses? It would be nothing more than an awkward and sticky encounter, purely for the purposes of procreation. Sensation Play, particularly Stimulation and Deprivation of stimulation is amazing foreplay.

During foreplay and sex the senses can be teased and pleasured… Or even punished! But just as you can stimulate the senses you can also deprive your partner of them for even exciting sexual play…

So, here’s how you can stimulate and deprive the five human senses – and why;sensory-play-oysters-taste-sexy-man

  1. Taste 

It can be very exciting to play with a person’s sense of taste and there are so many delicious stimuli out there in the culinary world; cream, chocolate sauce, strawberry jam and honey can all be delectable to lick from the body of your partner. What’s more there are certain foods that act as aphrodisiacs such as oysters, almonds and asparagus. In addition to actual foods, the taste of your partner’s genitals can likewise be very arousing.

man spraying cologne

  1. Smell

The two senses smell and taste are very much connected and without smell you cannot fully enjoy flavour. Of all the five senses, smell is the one with the strongest connection to human memory, so the aroma of a certain massage lotion or a specific aftershave can trigger a romantic memory of a steamy hotel encounter or a wet and wild vacation. To stimulate your partner’s sense of smell try lighting scented candles or wearing your nicest perfume (unless he or she prefers your natural odour).

tie bondage man woman

  1. Sight

Our sense of sight is the primary way in which we perceive the world around us. As well as pleasing that sense with beautiful faces, sexy lingerie and pornography, it can also be exciting to take that sense away. Removing a person’s sense of sight immediately heightens their other senses so they’re more aware of sounds, touching, etc. Probably the most popular method of sensory deprivation; you can easily deprive a person on their sight with a blind fold, mask, sensory deprivation hood or by turning off the lights. Once blinded, they’ll be listening to your every movement, nervously and eagerly awaiting the moment you next touch them. Your touch could be the gentle caress of a feather, the harsh lash of a whip or the shocking sting of an ice cube – it’s entirely up to you how you treat their body.

sight restriction bondage

  1. Sound

The second most important sense in terms of how we understand the world around us is the sense of sound. With our ears we can make sense of conversation, find pleasure in music and enjoy the laughter of a friend. So when you take away a person’s ability to hear (often along with their ability to see), they’re left totally isolated. A sensory deprivation hood is the perfect way to really cut off your sub’s sense of reality, leaving you to have plenty or teasing or torturous fun.


  1. Touch

Lastly, touch. Most definitely the most important of the five senses when it comes to the physical act of sex. Even when deaf and blind with no sense of taste of smell you can still enjoy your partner’s touch on your body, on your erogenous zones and in your most intimate areas. Of course, if you’re into BDSM then you know that every touch doesn’t need to be pleasurable and that pain can be enjoyable also. There a plenty of ways in which you can stimulate your partner’s skin and genitals, leaving them red, stinging and extra sensitive. For sensation play try toys such the flogger, spanking paddle, cane, whip, pin wheel, ice-cold ceramic dildo, hot glass dildo, nipple/ genital clamps, dripping candle wax and any number of vibrating or electric sex toys!


That’s all for this week. Have a stimulating weekend xx

What is National Orgasm Day?

Every 31st July we celebrate one of our favourite holidays. But what is National Orgasm Day?

A day to celebrate sexuality, relationships and the pleasure of orgasm; National Orgasm Day has become a permanent addition to our diaries. Basically it’s an excuse to turn down the lights, get yourself in the mood and enjoy an orgasm. It’s good for what ails you!

sexy gay men cuddlingOrgasm Benefits

Orgasms aren’t only great fun but they actually have numerous health benefits.

  • Orgasms can reduce pain. Got a headache? A cheeky wank or sex can help make you feel better. Orgasms release endorphins which are the body’s natural painkiller.
  • An orgasm a day  or at least a few times a week will help to reduce stress. That blissed out feeling you get after an orgasm? Yup, endorphins again.
  • Improve your cardiovascular health. The more intense, sweaty and exhausting the session the better. Whether you’re working out your orgasmic muscles alone or with a partner, the increased respiration and heart rate is great for you. Energetic sex is an aerobic activity after all!
  • Not feeling very sexy? An orgasm is a great way to put you in touch with your body and make yourself feel good. Your body is an amazing thing- give it the treat it craves.
  • Helps you sleep- this one’s obvious. You’re relaxed, satisfied and just given your body a workout. If your orgasms aren’t helping you get to sleep maybe you need to have some more 🙂

Ok, I’m sold, how do I ensure an orgasm?

black and white doggy style roughSometimes there’s nothing better than the touch of your own hand (or your partner) to get you off, but we’re in the business of sex toys, so of course we recommend them! Joking aside, vibrators, cock rings and male masturbators are some of the most popular ways to enhance your orgasm.

two women kissFemale orgasm in particular relies quite heavily on repetition, so a vibrator can help speed things along for a more satisfying conclusion. Without worrying that your hand is getting tired, or your partner needs to come up for air you can concentrate on the pleasure. Our huge selection of toys offers something for everyone, plus we’re currently having our Summer Sale so many favourites are up to 70% off! 

AND the 31st falls on a weekend this year so there’s really no excuse!



Fetish Facts

This week I thought I’d create a glossary of terms that are commonly used within the BDSM/kink/fetish community so that you can better understand this sexual playground. Enjoy!



Anal torture – pain inflicted upon the anus, often with sex toys.



BDSM – Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/Masochism – a term used to describe anything within the kink scene.

Bondage – The practice of physically restraining a person, often done with rope.

Bottom – I person on the receiving end of sex or domination – opposite to Top.

Breast Bondage – Bondage specific to the breasts. Breast restraint will either flatten breasts of cause them to protrude. Breasts will often become red and more sensitive.



Chastity – A form of sexual denial whereby a person is unable to touch or stimulate their genitalia. Sometimes a devices is worn to prevent touching; a chastity belt for a woman and a cock cage for a man. A device may feature a lock to which the Dom(me) holds the key.

Cock and Ball Torture (CBT) – Torture of the penis and testicles for masochistic sexual gratification.

Collared – A person (slave/submissive) who is owned by a Dom(me)/Master. Sometimes the two will be in a loving, committed relationship. Alternatively a Dom(me) may have more than one collared ‘pup’.

Contract – A formal, written agreement drawn up between a Dominant and a submissive. Such a document will set out all boundaries and limitations with regard to sexual and non sexual behaviour between the two.


woman on lead subD

Dom/Dominant – The person in control (with this spelling, usually male) – opposite to submissive.

Domme/Dominatrix – The person in control (female) – opposite to submissive.

D/s – Dominance/submission – Erotic play whereby one party has control over the other.

Dungeon – A room in which BDSM play takes place. Such a room may feature bondage equipment.



Edgeplay – BDSM play which holds a higher risk of causing physical or emotional harm than regular BDSM play. High risk activities include (but are not limited to) knife play, breath play, erotic beating and fire play.



Fetish – Sexual gratification being linked to an excessive extent to a particular object or part of the body.



Genitorture – Torture of the genitalia


tied up lady on bed shibariH

Hard Limits – Non-negotiable limits set by a person in relation to how far they’re willing to go sexually and/or how much pain they’re willing to endure.

Hogtie – A bondage position whereby the subject is lying on their stomach and their hands and feet are restrained together behind their back.



Kinbaku (Shibari) – A Japanese style of rope bondage which is both intricate and visually pleasing.



Limits – Something a person is unwilling to do.



Masochism – Experiencing sexual gratification as a result of pain (receiving). A “masochist” is a person who enjoys receiving pain.

Master/slave – A relationship in which one person (Master) exercises complete control over the other (slave). This can be for a short period or any amount of time up to a 247 live-in Dom/sub relationship.



Pegging – The sexual practice of a woman anally penetrating a man with a strap-on dildo.

ProDom(me) – A professional Dominant. (Dominates paying customers).



RACK – Risk Awareness Consensual Kink.


domme snow whiteS

Sadism – The act of inflicting pain. A “sadist” is a person who enjoys inflicting pain on another person. In a sexual/BDSM context a person experiences sexual gratification when inflicting pain on another person.

SSC – Safe, Sane and Consensual – A safety protocol sometimes adhered to by persons practicing BDSM.

Sensation Play – A form of BDSM or sexual play that focuses on the five senses. For example, temperature play focuses on a person’s sense of touch. Sensation play can also involve depriving a person of one or more of their senses, such as by blindfolding them.

Slave – A submissive, controlled by a Master.

Soft Limits – Something which a person is hesitant to try but not something which they rule out completely.

Submissive/sub – A person who gives up control to a Dominant.

Switch – Someone who enjoys being both Top and bottom/ Dom(me) and sub, depending on their mood and the situation.



Top – A person on the giving end of sex or domination – opposite to bottom.

Training – A practice whereby a Dominant teaches a submissive how to act and behave.



Vanilla – Any sexual activity that is unrelated to BDSM/ a person who is not into BDSM.

Don’t be a Drag, be a Queen! – Transvestophilia- (Transvestite Fetish)

I WANT TO BREAK FREE! I want to break free. I want to break free from your lies, you’re so self-satisfied I don’t need you. I’ve got to break free. God knows, God knows I want to break free…

This week’s Fetish Friday is about the fabulous world of transvestism (also known as transvestitism).

So what is transvestitism and what is a transvestite?

transv1A transvestite is a person who enjoys dressing as a member of the opposite sex. Most commonly a transvestite will be a man who enjoys dressing as a women. A man wearing women’s clothing is sometimes said to be “in drag” and referred to as a “Drag Queen”.

A transvestite is not to be confused with a person who is transsexual. A transsexual person feels that they have the mind of one sex and the body of the other and may take hormones and undergo gender reassignment surgery to become their preferred gender. A transvestite merely dresses as the opposite sex for fun or sexual excitement.

A common misconception is that a transvestite person is homosexual which in fact that is often not the case. There are many men who enjoy wearing their female partner’s clothing and have no interest in being with a man sexually. There are even notable famous Drag Queens and performers who are happily married such as Dame Edna Everage (Barry Humphries) who has actually been married to four different women!

Another memorable transvestite man is Chandler’s dad from the American TV sitcom Friends in which one episode there was a fantastic exchange between Chandler’s parents;

Charles Bing: “Aren’t you a little too old to be wearing a dress like that?”

Nora Tyler Bing: “Don’t you have a little too much penis to wear a dress like that?”

Although for many, dressing up as a member of the opposite sex is just a bit of fun, for others the experience is a turn on.

Transvestite fetishism is when a person finds it sexually arousing to dress as a member of the opposite sex. Transvestophilia is a fetish whereby a person sexually desires a transvestite partner.

In a relationship in which one (or both) partner(s) enjoys transvestitism, sexual play may involve one partner wearing the clothes of the opposite sex and maybe even dressing up with styled hair (or wig) and makeup. In bed they may act with unchanged gender roles or the transvestite partner may adopt traits more traditionally associated with the opposite sex.

Of course, not all transvestitism has to be quite as extravagant as Dame Edna… in fact, some men prefer to keep is much simpler and a lot more discreet…

transv3Panty wearing fetish is a type of transvestitism by which a heterosexual man enjoys wearing women’s underwear. The man may do so at home alone, in the mirror, in view of his partner or even wear panties outside of the house underneath his male clothing as a naughty little secret.

Some men even enjoy wearing a little more lingerie and feel sexy in bras, basques, stockings and suspenders. Actually, this fetish isn’t entirely uncommon and there are lingerie brands which exist to produce women’s lingerie in men’s sizes.

Some heterosexual couples may even enjoy wearing matching bras and panties as things get steamy in the bedroom.

That’s all for this week. Have a kinky weekend xx

Fun Ideas for Rope Bondage Fans

Not something we needed a blog about…or so we thought. Rope has so many possibilities it’s actually harder than you think to come up with specific ways to play, so I’ve gathered some fun ideas for rope bondage fans.

All around the world millions of people have an interest in bondage and desire to be either tied up and unable to escape or to tie someone up and keep them prisoner; rope bondage plays a huge part in the BDSM scene.

However, this style of bondage isn’t always as simple as tying someone’s hands behind their back; for some rope bondage is a very skillful practice and can even be considered an art form.

If you’d like to get serious about rope bondage then it can be pretty complicated and there are various considerations before you tie up your submissive, these include; type of rope (hemp, jute, linen, cotton, silk, bamboo, manila, sisal, nylon, paracord, MFP, synthetic hemp, polyester or generic polypropylene), construction (twisted/laid or braided), ends (whipped, knotted, fused, glued or taped), diameter (thin, average or thin) and length (short, medium or long).

… but if you’re a beginner then all you really need to worry about is whether you’d like your rope to be classic black, sultry red or hot pink!

So now that you’ve purchased some rope and you’re equipped to have some fun, here are a few ideas for exciting rope bondage play…

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Does your fetish make you cum?

The very definition of a fetish is that sexual gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular item or body part. So, does your fetish make you cum? And is it important? Although gratification (i.e., sexual climax) may be linked to the fetish, climax isn’t always achieved, nor is it necessarily always desired.

For some, having an orgasm isn’t a necessary part of meeting one’s fetish needs, rather, acting out a fantasy or tending to some other physical need (such as inflicting pain) is enough to satisfy the desire.

Let’s take a look at three types of fetishist:

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