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Small Penis Fetish

For last week’s Fetish Friday blog I wrote about Big Cock Fetish and the appreciation of enormous dongs! For this week’s blog, let’s talk about the exact opposite!

Small Cock Fetish.

Huh? There’s such a thing as a small cock fetish!?


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Big Cock

I’ve been writing this Fetish Friday blog for more than 3 years and yet I’ve somehow managed to miss out one of the most seemingly obvious fetishes of all… BIG COCK!

That’s right. Many of us LOVE a huge member.

A quick web search of big cock fetish brings up porno movies with titles such as “MILFs Like It Big”, “Monster Cock”, “Dangerous Dongs”, “King Dong”, “Black Reign X” and “Mega Cock Cravers”.

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Disney XXX and Cartoon Fetishism

This week, for the first time in my life, I went to Disneyland! While most people probably just enjoy wearing cute mouse ears and riding rollercoasters, I got thinking about my Fetish Friday blog…having a Disney fetish is a thing!

Have you ever seen those posts online that profess to “ruin your childhood”? In such posts an artist will have produced pornographic illustrations of your favourite Disney characters. For instance, Disney Princess lesbian group sex; Jasmine enjoying the magic lamp; Snow White and the seven dwarfs; Alice in Pleasureland and anything with Gaston!

But it’s not just Disney. Any half decent cartoonist can transform your favourite animated character into an anal porn star; characters from The Simpsons, Pokémon, Family Guy, My Little Pony, Scooby Doo, Spiderman, Dexter’s Lab, Super Mario, the Incredible Hulk – no character is safe!

But why?

(And why are the Simpsons ones always incestuous?)

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How to Eat Pussy

Oral sex: perfect on its own and as foreplay but so easy to get wrong. Unlike going down on men, when their most sensitive spot is – quite literally – staring you in the face, women are more elusive. To ensure you going south on her doesn’t do the same to her arousal, we’ve compiled our top ten tips on how to eat pussy. Make sure that jaw’s loose and we’ll get straight down to it.

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Fetish Agony Aunt – Part 2

Hello Bondara Bunnies,

Today we’ll be doing another Fetish Friday Agony Aunt blog post in which I answer your pressing questions about sex, relationships and even kinkier topics.

(Leave us a comment below or email us at [email protected] and be part of the next Fetish Agony Aunt post!)

So let’s dive right into it…

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The Art of Restraint

Last week, for Fetish Friday, I talked about those who have a fetish for being punished, lectured and disciplined. The list of suitable punishments included spanking, verbal abuse, sensory deprivation, choking and more.

One punishment featured in that list was restraint – and that’s what we’re going to be looking at in more detail this week!

Bondage has a huge part to play in the BDSM scene – that’s why it’s the first letter!

The practice of bondage can be very powerful, both physically and mentally, as well as being artistically beautiful at times.

What first comes to mind when we think of bondage is the surrendering of and seizing of power. The fate of the restrainee (sub) is completely in the hands of the restrainer (Dom).  Once the sub is restrained, the Dominant partner is free to do whatever they desire (within the boundaries of pre-agreed hard and soft limits).

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How to Win Back your Ex

Break-ups are devastating, particularly if you remain convinced they’re ‘the One’. Time apart tends to do one of two things: lead you to an Eat, Pray, Love enlightenment in which you decide you’re better off without them, or makes you so miserable you feel like Kate without her Leo or Ben without his Jerry. Hopefully, you’ll both realise what you’re missing and reunite. Unfortunately, that’s rare and it takes some work to get back together. Considering you’ve come across this page, we’ll assume you’re in the latter group. Here’s our guide on how to win back your ex…

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Punishment Fetish – From Tame to Extreme…

Some people out there in the big wide world have a fetish for being lectured or punished for ‘misbehaving’. Such people will have sexually submissive tendencies and a desire to be punished by a dominant partner.

I’ve heard stories of people who are so desperate to be chastised or beaten, they’ll do absolutely anything to aggravate their partner until they react in an aggressive manner. A male friend once told me he was in a relationship with a woman who was very submissive and got her kicks from severe punishment. Although he himself was sexually dominant, he wasn’t dominant to the extreme extent that she liked.

The girl would pick fights over nothing, physically attack him and even fool around with other guys until he became so angry he beat the living daylights out of her. After the beating, she’d be bruised and in a lot of pain…but oddly satisfied. He, on the other hand, felt incredibly guilty for beating the woman he loved. But, at the end of the day, he knew that it made her ‘happy’.

So, if your partner is into punishment and discipline, in what ways can you chastise them?

Here is a list of ideas going from fairly tame to very extreme…

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Our Top 10 Sex Toys for Couples

Introducing our top 10 sex toys for couples to have you both screaming ‘yes, yes, YES!’.  Whether you’re after some foreplay fun, intercourse excitement or anal play, a toy is perfect for spicing up the bedroom. With so many to choose from, finding the best one for both of you can feel daunting – and if anything will kill a hard-on it’ll be that – so we’ve compiled a handy guide (what would you do without us?).

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Suction Dildos – Wall-Banging Fun

Wall mounted sex toys! Heard of them? You’ve probably seen them, maybe even used them without realising that you could have gotten yourself off by sticking it to a wall. That’s right, hands-free fun with Suction Dildos.

Dildos with suctions cups on the base are made so you can stick them to certain surfaces and give yourself a literal joyride! Many people will go straight to sticking their dildo on a wall and not think much else of it, but there are so many more ways to use this amazing toy. You can mount them on chairs, the floor or in the shower or bathtub – the possibilities are endless.

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