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Lube: It’s Time to Get Wet

Lubrication, lubrication, lubrication. When it comes to getting wet, make sure you’re not slipping up on the basics with our one-stop guide to lube. For solo play, with a partner or alongside a sex toy, a good quality lubricant makes everything better; like Ant and Dec, it’s not right to have one without the other.

Not only is lube an essential for great sex, it can also bring a new and exciting element to your play. The world of lube is sensational, stimulating and tasty, so let’s slide right into it…

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Why You Should Be Edging

Masturbation isn’t usually sexy. We may put in the effort to carefully select some porn and reach for our favourite sex toy, but once we’re into it, we don’t really care about making it a long, drawn out affair. Climax is our goal, and we’re sprinting towards it.

That’s where edging comes in. While women can do this too, it’s most popular amongst men. They say patience is a virtue and edging definitely puts it to the test – but with the promise of an intensified climax and a more explosive ejaculation, it’s definitely worth the wait.

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Dealing with Jealousy

While jealousy is a natural part of relationships, it also has a nasty habit of tearing them apart.

When your other half has the cheek to suggest you aren’t always the centre of their world (how dare they), a little twinge of jealousy can be laughed off. However, deeply embedded insecurity can quickly overpower a relationship.

Sometimes, jealousy is completely understandable. Other times, it can be blown out of proportion. Here’s how to calmly and effectively deal with jealousy.

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How to Have Anal Sex for the First Time

So you wanna take things backstage? Well, you’re in for a good time! A hugely exciting addition to your bedroom repertoire, anal sex offers a new type of stimulation for both partners. However, before you get started, it’s important to know how to have anal sex for the first time.

Anal sex is penetrative or external play with the anus using a penis, sex toy, fingers or tongues. Anyone can enjoy anal. Whether it’s girl-on-girl, girl-on-guy, guy-on-guy or guy-on-girl, a lot of us are at it! And it’s no wonder: intense stimulation with the thrill of doing something taboo is a massive turn on.
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The Five Best Places to Have Sex

The bedroom may be the most popular location (and don’t get us wrong, it certainly has its perks!) but what are the other best places to have sex?

Fantasises of the beach and pool are probably the first that spring to mind. While these spots are great for foreplay, in practice they aren’t so sexy. We’re sorry to burst your erotic bubble but getting jiggy on the beach will jiggle that sand into places it should never be. And the pool? Say goodbye to natural lubrication and hello to an infection.

For the main show, we recommend these five places…

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A History of the Gimp

It’s a term rarely used by the BDSM community, yet ‘gimps’ have still managed to creep into popular culture. From Pulp Fiction to American Horror Story, plotlines have built a false reputation of gimps as deviant characters with dark motives.

Clad in enclosing suits and full-head masks, it’s not just the physical identity of a gimp that is a mystery. What do we actually know about the origin of the gimp? And what’s the appeal?

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How to Tell a Friend You Like Her

Escaping the friend zone is no mean feat and there’s no single correct way to tell a friend you like her. However, if there’s one thing you’ve got on your side, it’s that you know her – so you’re already halfway there!

First things first, don’t panic! Getting out of the friend zone is tough but doable. If you need extra reassurance, this is coming from someone who persistently friend-zoned their boyfriend. If he can do it, so can you.

So, let’s get down to business…

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The Single Diaries: Online Dating

Single and ready to mingle, one of our very own in-house managers is lifting the lid on life as a (nearly) 30 year old, single woman living in Essex. She dishes out sex and relationship advice on the daily and has a glass tentacle dildo on her desk, so there’s no denying she has all the know-how. However, as she’s finding out, that doesn’t always make dating any easier…

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Let’s Talk About Polyamory

The saying may be that two’s company, three’s a crowd but that doesn’t always apply – particularly for polyamorous people. Literally translating as ‘many loves’, polyamory refers to those who have more than one romantic relationship at a time.

Sounds like cheating, right? Well, it’s not. A polyamorous relationship requires the consent and knowledge of all those involved. Nor is a polyamorous relationship about having ‘a bit on the side’ or swinging. Each relationship is intimate, trusting and emotional.

There’s far more to polyamory than meets the eye – and studies have even suggested it could be healthier for us than monogamy! So, let’s talk about polyamory…

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