A Little Back Door Action With Some Anal Beads Mar02


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A Little Back Door Action With Some Anal Beads

Bum Teaser Anal Beads

There’s nothing like a little back door action to brighten your day. It’s Friday! That means it’s … the weekend! Time to get your kit off and enjoy some anal play. Get out the lubricant and put on some sexy music. You and your partner (or you alone) are about to have the time of your life! When you use anal toys you open a wide new world of excitement and stimulation. The anus is very sensitive. Full of nerve endings, when stimulated whilst jerking off the experience can be astounding. Anal stimulation during intercourse – whether you are male or female – can drive you wild. Your orgasms will be more intense and they will last longer with anal stimulation. Whether you insert a finger or use anal sex toys, the sensations can’t be beat.

Butt plugs are rather common anal toys. They are very popular and very effective. But let’s take it up a notch and go for the gold. Let’s use anal beads. They’re very easy to use. Anal beads are beads in graduated sizes from smaller to larger set along a string. There is a ring at the end for easy removal. First, slather lots of lube on the beads. The anus and rectum don’t naturally lubricate so you’ll need plenty of lube to make this work. Slide the beads in one by one from the smallest to the largest size that makes you feel comfortable. Then enjoy the heady sensations! You’ll be so aroused using anal beads you’ll be beside yourself.

One set of very fine and inexpensive anal beads is this set of bum teaser anal beads. Made of soft latex free and phthalates free silicone, these beads start off small and become comfortably large. You get four beads on the strand with the ring at the end. Slide them in per my instructions above. You’ll squirm with delight as these beads nestle inside you.

At the moment of orgasm, remove the beads quickly by pulling on the ring. Your orgasm will be more intense as you pull out the beads. Make sure you clean them thoroughly after use and store them in a clean, dry, cool place. When treated well, your anal beads will last you a lifetime. Enjoy them and the orgasms that come with them.