Ball Stretching Guide

Benefits And Pleasures Of Ball Stretching

You have definitely seen them but you might have said, "oh, no I don't know." Well, don't be put off! Today men go NUTS for ball stretchers! Ball stretching is temporary or permanent scrotum stretching for the utmost in sexual bliss. A bloke uses leather or metal rings around his scrotum so that his balls hang lower than they otherwise would. Unless a man continually uses ball stretchers to keep up the practice ball stretching can become somewhat permanent. Some men have stretched their scrotums over a foot!

Obviously, a man who wants to try ball stretching must be careful lest he harm his scrotum. You don't want to induce trauma to your testes or sperm. You can damage your scrotum by handling the weights too roughly or putting too much weight on too soon. It's vital to be careful to not cause any damage, especially permanent harm. This includes skin irritation and cutting off circulation. To prevent these incidents from occurring all you need to do is to take special care while ball stretching. Enjoy the weight hanging from your scrotum without causing harm to yourself.

Some of the reasons many men enjoy ball stretching include liking seeing their balls hanging so low, enjoying the feel of weights pulling on their balls, getting off on the feel of low-hanging fruit especially since your balls recede prior to orgasm. Other men like to wear ball stretchers because a low-hanging sack makes their dicks look longer and bigger. Some like to pull gently on the weights because it feels good.

Different Types of Ball Stretchers


Steel Ball Stretchers

Some men like to feel weight on their balls, pulling them down. Steel ball stretchers are ideal for this and they are skin-safe. Avoid ball stretchers made of cheap metal because they turn your skin green. Terrible! Always stick with stainless steel. These ball stretchers come in many sizes to fit any sized man, whether he is large, medium, or small. Many men like to stack several different ball stretchers at one time.

Ball Stretchers With Hooks

Buy some ball stretchers with hooks if ball stretchers alone aren't enough for you. Use the hooks to attach weights so you get that extra enticement you want so much. Tug on the hooks and add weights to make ball stretching even more exciting!

Leather Ball Stretchers

If you like high quality leather bondage gear, leather ball stretchers are for you. Soft and supple leather feels great on your balls. This kind of soft leather also prevents chafing of the skin. Try different types of leather, including suede, and enjoy all the different types of leather ball stretchers. You'll get off on ball stretching so much you won't want to stop!

Giraffe Ball Stretcher

For a lighter alternative to traditional ball stretchers, try a giraffe ball stretcher. These ball stretchers lace up, are great for beginners, and are very lightweight. Choose the length to go with the amount of ball stretching you want to do.

Parachute Ball Stretcher

If you like the feel of weights you'll love parachute ball stretchers. They snap around the scrotum with chains and weight hanging down for a full and wonderful ball stretching experience. They look wonderful at fetish parties and they're great for adding more weight to your balls. Show off your package at your next fetish ball sporting a fab parachute ball stretcher!

Ball Weights

Ball weights are for men for whom a mere ball stretcher simply isn't enough. For that extra tug you need weights and they come in many types such as 300g and 500g. Get the extra weight you need by mixing and matching weights. Ball stretching will open a new vista of sexual pleasure for you!

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