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Could you be the SexFit tester we're looking for?

Active sex life, Good level of Personal Fitness, Passion for Wearable Tech

& Mountains of Confidence !!

Three months ago Bondara made huge waves internationally when it revealed that it is creating the ‘SexFit', a device which allows users to track key performance indicators in the bedroom such as duration and thrusts per minute. Ahead of its highly anticipated introduction to the mass market, expected in Spring 2015, Bondara is advertising for an official position to help test out the beta prototype of the new product. 

The chosen applicant will be sent the prototype ‘tracker' to review and will be required to report back via a daily blog with all the intimate details.

If you're SexFit apply to become a Beta Tester today. Simply enter you details below. (All fields must be filled in)

Please Note we will only contact successful candidates