Ace Of Spades Butt Plug - Black

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Description - Ace Of Spades Butt Plug - Black

Big, black and beautiful! A wide headed solid rubber butt plug to provide you with a totally fulfilling anal sensation. Includes a strong suction cup at the base for some serious hand-free anal stimulation!

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Product specifications
Colour Black
Material Solid Rubber
Insertable Length 4"
Neck Circumference 5"
Widest Circumference 7.5"
Flexible? Yes, Fully
Waterproof? Yes
Full description - Ace Of Spades Butt Plug - Black

This beautiful and large headed anal butt plug measures approximately 5 inches in height. Made from soft but firm jelly rubber making it perfect for anal fun and ideal for anal play veterans or those looking to progress further than a slimmer butt plug. A wide head and narrow neck to make sure it stays in place and a suction cup at the base enabling a quick exit when required and amazing hands-free anal fun.

Customer reviews for Ace Of Spades Butt Plug - Black

I think i just found my new best friend, this plug offers everything you want, not for first time people but definitely the best I have got so far.

Review by: pete
Mind Blowingly filling

Well, what can I say lads - this is one of the best toys Ive ever had! First, you need quite a bit of lube, but once you squat down and hear that "pop" you will be shooting your load all over the bathroom sink!
5 star pleasure for the KDog

Review by: Kenny Towns
Wow, this is perfect.

So I consider myself quite experienced in anal play, and even I found this quite an enjoyable challenge to fit inside to begin with. It's a wonderfully soft rubber so it feels smooth and comfortable as it slides in, and at the widest point it is quite a stretch even for someone used to using multiple toys at once. After you've worn it a few times, it fits much more comfortably, and it gives you a perfect filled sensation. Again, the soft material is perfect for the job and the shape makes it a perfect fit, stimulating all the right areas around the inside and at the same time the stem leaves your ass feeling nicely stretched open. Would recommend this to anyone who loves a big fat plug in their butt.

Review by:
My first proper toy.

Well finally got around to ordering my first butt plug having played with various objects for a number of years (mostly veggies I'm afraid). Got home on the day it arrived and couldn't wait to get started, but to be perfectly honest, I think I was trying too hard and it was sore so gave up. Tried again the next evening and got it a little further in. This went on for 2 to 3 days until it finally went all the way in. The sensation as it went in over the widest point and then tapers down was a feeling I'll never forget. It was fantastic and would recommend this toy to everybody. I've had it nearly 3 weeks now and wear it every day for a few hours at home. Would love to say I would wear it at work but do quite a physical job so not so sure. Sometimes when I wear it home in the evenings and I sit on the sofa it does sometimes work its way right inside of me which is a nice feeling too but obviously must be retrieved before it disappears out of sight !

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